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There is no way to remove clipping, however, there are ways to ameliorate its effect. As you've found, many desktop audio applications have a clipping repair module that will attempt (i.e. intelligently guess) how to redraw the missing wave tops/bottoms Clipping amazon is an international/US-based photo editing online service provider With 6 years of experience, We are well equipped self-owned production house, we provide high end quality photo editing services that includes Photoshop Clipping Path, retouching,glamour photo restoration, image masking & manipulation, pre-press work.

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// remove clip so this white rectangle is shown context.setStroke(Color.WHITE); context.setLineWidth(3); context.strokeRect(75, 75, 150, 150); I tried GraphicsContext#restore() (which restores everything but the clipping and creating a rectangular path starting at 0|0 and with the canvas's size and calling clip() again Click to expand.IMO there is no way to remove clipping.The above quoted explanation deals with digital clipping, but clipping most definitely exists in the purely analog world. It's the same type of event, in the the signal attempts to reach beyond the maximum voltage allowed by any device in the chain I realize this is an old thread, but I ran across it while looking for a solution to removing multiple clipping masks scattered throughout a document.If you need to remove all the clipping masks from a document, here is a pretty simple script that will check all the pageItems and remove any that are being used as a clipping mask.Comment out the last line if you don't want to see how many paths. Select the group that contains the clipping mask, and choose Object > Clipping Mask > Release. In the Layers panel, click the name of the group or layer that contains the clipping mask. Click the Make/Release Clipping Masks button at the bottom of the panel, or select Release Clipping Mask from the panel menu

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  1. PhotoScissors saves the day when you quickly need to cut out a person or object to paste into another picture, or to remove the background from a photo. You don't need any specific skills or professional software for a perfect image clip. Just upload the image and our algorithm will automatically remove the background using deep neural networks
  2. Remove backgrounds 100% automatically in 5 seconds with zero clicks. There are approximately 20 million more interesting activities than removing backgrounds by hand. Thanks to remove.bg's clever AI, you can slash editing time - and have more fun
  3. Remove Clip Frame Boundary. I cant get the clip frame boundary to disappear on a pdf i have attached. I used XCLIPFRAME and set the value to 0 & also tried 2 and nothing removes the frame. (See attached) I have tried it in LT and 2007. Any suggestions
  4. In today's tutorial I'll be showing you how to fix clipping audio in Audacity. I receive a lot of comments and questions about this topic so I made a video s..
  5. The remove background tool allows you to highlight the subject of your photo and create a transparent background, so that way you can place your new image into a variety of new designs and destinations. Place it on a colored backdrop or add a new background to put your subject in a completely new environment
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Select an image & remove the background - 100% automatically - in 5 seconds - without a single click - for free Removes a clipping boundary for the selected xref or block. To temporarily turn off a clipping boundary, use the Off option. Delete erases the clipping boundary and the clipdepth. The ERASE command cannot be used to delete clipping boundaries Remove Clip-HD with AdwCleaner. AdwCleaner is a tool that research for and deletes Adware, Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and browser Hijackers from your system. By using AdwCleaner you can simply remove many of these types of applications for a better user experience on your system and while browsing websites Hold down Alt (Option in Mac OS), position the pointer over the line separating two grouped layers in the Layers panel (the pointer changes to two overlapping circles), and click. In the Layers panel, select a layer in the clipping mask, and choose Layer > Release Clipping Mask

How to remove clipping from mp3 file?? Last year my friend and I recorded an album of original songs that I am really proud of and I think turned out about as well as we could have hoped for, the only problem being: we knew nothing about audio clipping and after recording the album using garageband we amplified everything by like 8 db in order. RIGHT WAY or you will brake them Clipping is a form of waveform distortion that occurs when an amplifier is overdriven and attempts to deliver an output voltage or current beyond its maximum capability. Driving an amplifier into clipping may cause it to output power in excess of its power rating.. In the frequency domain, clipping produces strong harmonics in the high-frequency range (as the clipped waveform comes closer to a. Release objects from a clipping mask Do one of the following: Select the group that contains the clipping mask, and choose Object > Clipping Mask > Release. In the Layers panel, click the name of the group or layer that contains the clipping mask

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So the clipping seems to be the problem. Strange enough, some files show a clipping and some not. However, I do not want to remove the clipping manually for every file. Therefore, I tried the following command line Bulk Remove Backgrounds. Auto-clip large catalogs of product photos. Configure your default settings for effortless color correction and consistent cropping on every image. The result will be uniform, professional shots in every edit. Learn How to Configure Defaults » Bulk Clipping Â

You will have to get the clipping plane, make a copy of it, remove the viewports from the copy, and then replace the original object with the new one 100% accurate clipping background removal 100% accurate clipping background removal 100% accurate clipping background removal Mohsiniit have much planned for the future, working with great clients and continued software development. If you'd like to join our team, then we'd also love to hear from you

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1. Move the middle of the E-clip toward the side so you can grasp it. To easily remove the E-clip, you want the curved side of the E-clip facing you. If necessary, use your fingers or a pair of needle-nose pliers to twist it around. The E-clip should slide easily with moderate pressure 2 Answers2. It is impossible to repair clipped signal, since when clipping occurs, part of the original signal is eliminated and cannot be restored. The phenomena is described in the below image: However there are few commercial clicks\pops removal apps available which could improve the signal. The following list of software appear in Wikipedia All the other services you will get from me : * Remove clipping path / Remove background. * Image Retouch. * Drop shadows / natural shadows. * Image shadows removal / Mirroring removal. * Merge photos/ separate background. * Image resizing / cropping/ High quality photo background. * Amazon / eBay / daraz product reconstruction

Clipping provides a way to hide extraneous portions of the point cloud without permanently removing the points. For example, you can use clipping to trim away people and vehicles picked up in the laser scan. In the following illustration, multiple clipping areas were used to remove the boat stands holding up the boat. Like creating a Scan Region, the clipping action originates with accurate. Clipping Paths India (CPIn) is one of the best clipping path service provider on the earth. We always offer satisfaction guaranteed work for our client and do every work as own work with carefully. We offer a wide range of image editing services such as Clipping Path, Background Remove, Image Masking, Photo Retouching, Shadow Creating, Multiple.

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  1. Next Clipping Path is a full-service photo editing company that arrived with a proven 7 years of experience. We offered skilled Photoshop services i.e. Background Removal Service, Image Masking, and Clipping Path, Multi Clipping Path, Image Manipulation, Image Retouching, Image shadow creation, graphic design, neck joint or ghost mannequin.
  2. Re: how to remove clipping? Yeah.. For next time, always make sure to do a sound test before you record to ensure your volume levels are within appropriate bounds. Top
  3. Price $50. Type Software. Client Private. Clipping Path is undoubtedly an effective method to remove image background. It works effectively with transparent and white backgrounds. Clipping Path is also called as Deep Etching. Anything that is outside the path gets omitted form the output. Image Masking Service
  4. Audacity has a clip fix feature. It doesn't work that great (removing clipping from audio is actually really difficult), but it's maybe the best you'll be able to find for free. It doesn't work that great (removing clipping from audio is actually really difficult), but it's maybe the best you'll be able to find for free
  5. Clipping Chicken is a quick and easy online background remover. Great for Businesses of All Kinds. Use our automated photo background remover to create images for booklets, presentations and other marketing publications. Save Time, Use Clipping Chicken! We provide a great alternative to manual Photoshop background removal
  6. Clipping for you is a leading photo editing company, running from Bangladesh. We are working with all types of image editing service. Our common services are Clipping Path, Masking, Retouching, Color Correction, Drop Shadow, Image Manipulation, e-Commerce image etc

Clipping Magic is another online background remover tool that you can use for your images. It is free in the trial versions. It works like magic to remove the background from your images and gives you your desired object. You don't need to do too much editing. This is highly useful for your websites Is it possible to remove clipping noise? hey - I recorded a live band last night and in order to get the main vocal coming throught the mains at a decent volume, I had to record his volume in SONAR clipping the entire time

Clipping Path is a vector path or shape that helps to create an outline to removing undesired parts from a photo. Adobe Photoshop Pen Tool uses to create a clipping path nicely. It is a basic task but important a lot in the graphic design or photo editing service sector. Like photo retouching, drop shadow, invisible mannequin, remove background from an image, and even all of image editing. FAQ clippingpath.com.bd Start @ US $0.28 Clippingpath.com.bd is a professional image editing studio including clipping path, background remove, image shadow creating, photo editing, image manipulation services for advertising agencies, photographers, e-commerce business. We work from a simple clipping path to complex background removal, like hair cut out, cycle wheel, fur images, etc Remove Image Background API. Clipping Magic offers the most comprehensive API for removing image backgrounds available on the market. It is super-easy to integrate with, produces better results, and gives you more control than any other option. The Hosted Smart Editor integration is perfect for serious e-commerce websites looking to optimize.

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  1. Clipping Path. Clipping path is the most effective way to remove background from any photo. It is a quality method for getting best outputs. Background Removal. Sometimes background make loose the focus of the main object of the product. For these reason background removing is required for make the main object more beautiful. Image Manipulation
  2. Remove White Background (RWB) offers different services that makes your images and pictures to look amazing. For the images to be more attractive, the RWB staff uses services such as image Background remove, clipping path, shadow Creation (Drop shadow, Natural shadow, Reflection shadow, mirror effect), image masking, web image editing, , Image Manipulation / Clothes Neck-Joint and image.
  3. Use of Pen Tool to Remove White Background in Photoshop: This process is almost similar to the above process just there is a difference in the beginning. We created the selection around the photo using magic wand tool before. That is an automatic process but in case of the pen tool, we need to make a clipping path around the photo
  4. Remove Background 100% Automatic bg removal free! Automatic and Free image background removal in just a couple of seconds! The state of the art AI-tools from Pixlr lets you remove backgrounds from selfies, profile pictures and others without the cumbersome manual work
  5. CLIPPING DESIGNER is well-known as one of the most professional and leading graphics designing and clipping path service providers of Bangladesh. We launched our company to provide the best Photoshop Clipping Path, Background Remove, Drop\ Natural\ Reflection Shadow Addition, Color Adjustment, Ghost Mannequin, Photo Retouching, Image Manipulation, and more that you may need for personal or.

Clipping Path Flatness . The technique of multiple clipping paths is a CPI's specialty. By applying multiple clipping paths, individual image objects are isolated for separating or modifying opacity, color filling and level, and other visual effects grooming a matted do For only $5, Jahangir425 will do background remove ,clipping path, resizing, nick join and remove object, logo. | I am professional graphic designer. I have experience in Adobe Photoshop, illustrator clipping path about long times .Servicesclipping path/Background removeImage maskingRetouchImage resize/CroppingRemove/adding Objectand many morePlease | Fiver Background remove, Clipping path. 18 likes. Hi dear! This Nazmul a photoshop expert. You may looking far a person to edit your photos, like some kind of background remove, clipping path, hair..

To understand this process in an easy way, I will show you how to remove the background from an image. Let's do this step by step. Step-1: Selecting Pen Tool. First of all, Open the image using Adobe Photoshop. I'm using a product image to remove its background. But you can use any photo and remove the background following the same process Clipping Path Resource (CPR) is a global company that believes in utilizing technology to benefit customers. We are here to carry out pre-production works for you. Clipping path resource is the best Clipping path service provider, Image Masking Service Provider, Retouching Service Provider, Ghost/Medicine/Nick join service provider, Photo editing, Silo Path Service, Deep Etching service. Clipping. Clipping is the act of shaving off a small portion of a precious metal coin for profit. Over time, the precious metal clippings could be saved up and melted into bullion or used to make new coins Clipping path is drawing a vector line around the targeted object so as to remove the background or edit the targeted object. Photoshop pen tool is employed to try and do this service. Our skilled image editor understands consumer demand. Thus, we offer sleek non-pixelate finish clipping path output at a correct time at a minimum price

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PhotoScissors- background eraser tool which can easily remove objects and background from photos. You can easily get rid of the hassle by using this tool. It is a free photo editor website. Nowadays, almost every e-commerce website needs background remova Getting yourself up to speed before clipping into your pedals will make the whole experience easier. 2. Anticipate your stops. Zero speed falls happen mostly because people wait too long to remove their foot from a pedal before they come to a stop

Right-click the outline and select Create Clipping Mask. The clipping mask will remove all except the foreground object inside the outline. 13. Save your image. Adobe Illustrator can save the image as an AI file, EPS file, SVG or PDF. The .EPS format is widely used in almost all graphic applications and word processing programs. You can also. Step-1: Open an Image. Open Photoshop and open the image you want to remove the background. For opening the image, click on a file from the top bar, click on Open, or drag and drop the photo from your files to the Photoshop workspace Detect signal clipping and remove. Follow 6 views (last 30 days) Show older comments. Kcire L environ 17 heures ago. Vote. 0. â‹® . Vote. 0. Answered: Image Analyst environ 15 heures ago Hi, I have a signal from a microphone that is listening for respiratory audio. When the test subject talks or moves too much, the signal clipps Detect signal clipping and remove. Follow 6 views (last 30 days) Show older comments. Kcire L alrededor de 3 horas ago. Vote. 0. â‹® . Vote. 0. Answered: Image Analyst alrededor de 1 hora ago Hi, I have a signal from a microphone that is listening for respiratory audio. When the test subject talks or moves too much, the signal clipps The difference between clipping and masking. Masks are images; Clips are paths. Imagine a square image that is a left-to-right, black-to-white gradient. That can be a mask. The element it is applied to will be transparent (see-through) where there is black in our gradient mask image, and opaque (normal) where there is white

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Click on the quick selection tool for How to Remove an Object in Photoshop CS6. You can click and drag and make a selection around the model. If you're working with Photoshop CC and newer, you can click on Select Subject while the quick selection tool is selected, and Photoshop will make a selection based on whatever it thinks the main. Professional Clipping Path and Remove background Service. This complex imaging technology is best done by trained professionals. The unwanted objects or parts are removed from the image. The isolated part is fitted to a new and suitable background. The techniques of masking via clipping and making vector paths are also part of the clipping path Clipping will still work when whatever automatic width and height the browser specifies overrides the size of the content. For example, if you remove the width and height properties from the imageContainer style, resizing your browser after a certain point will force clipping: [ the browser eventually forced your div to start clipping the content For removing the background using the Fuzzy Select tool, use the following steps: Open the image in GIMP. Go to File on the top, and click open. The shortcut for opening an image file is Ctrl + O. Select the Fuzzy Select tool; the icon appears as a magic wand. You can select the tool by pressing U on the keyboard

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January 10, 2021 Clipping Images Remove background, Tutorial, Uncategorized No comments. Removing background from the text in Photoshop is relatively easy and if you are a novice designer and like to learn Photoshop from the beginning this tutorial is for you. In this case, you just need a basic idea regarding different Photoshop tools and some. To use the Clipping Tool to slice an object with a clip plane: Select the object to be clipped using the Selection Tool. Select the Clipping Tool on the MapTools toolbar. Drag a line across the selected object. This is the clip line. The part of the object to be kept will be highlighted in white lines. Cycle through the clip modes by clicking.

Launch Adobe Photoshop and select File > Open, browse the image which you want to remove the background and choose the image. You can also use the shortcut keys on your keyboard to open a file, Ctrl+O for Windows and Command+O for MacOs. 2. Start drawing a clipping path around the object. After you successfully open the image in Photoshop, use. The Best Clipping path & Remove Background Service. Clipping Path Client. 19 views · January 12. 2:28. How To Remove An Object In Photoshop CS6. Clipping Path Client. 22 views · December 17, 2020. 0:01. How To Deselect Lasso Tool In Photoshop. Clipping Path Client. 8 views · October 15, 2020 background remove image Backgroundremoveimage.com is one of the best image editing company. We offer all kinds of image editing services including clipping path, background removal, color correction, image retouching, etc for commercial and non-commercial images Get High-Quality Clipping path, Background Removal, Cutout Image, Deep Etching, Image Retouching, Image Manipulation, drop shadow, and Photo Editing services at low cost. Get a quote for your next project The Clipping Path is the outline made by the scissors or cutter. When you remove the background with a clipping path, there is fundamentally a vector shape (the path) that cuts the image out with a uniform amount of feathering (soft transparency at the edges). This gives a crisp edge to the result and creates clean cutouts

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  1. Other crossword clues with similar answers to 'Remove by clipping'. Buy-one-get-one-free item. Clip. Clip of footballer showing no hesitation. Cut. Cut wool from sheep. Female artist's backing cut. Fleece. Give a buzz
  2. Clipping Path Advance is providing clipping path service, image cut out, automotive photo editing and background remove service around the world-wide. It's established at 2010 but our experience and skilled experts are working more than 10 years of design & photo editing section and it is organized by dedicated management
  3. A clipping path is an outline created around an image which allows you to remove a picture from its background. Clipping Path is a mother service of all photo editing services. Masking. If you need to remove your background form your images to transform it another background, we will help you. We can make your image background transparent

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Clipping Path is a process that is used to drop out/remove background from images using Photoshop Pen Tool. Background Removing Clearing background from imagery such as removing or changing background in a fur and hairy images of a Model Clipping path and image-editing services specializing in ecommerce and product photography. Hand-drawn clipping path, high-quality image editing, quick turnaround time — all starting at just $0.39 USD /photo. Start free trial. How it works Clipping Path Service is the popular service of Clipping Solutions. We provide accurate clipping path using only Photoshop pen tools . It is a vector path to remove unwanted backdrop of the images To remove the background from an image, first do an image upload from your computer, enter an image URL, or simply drag a photo into the Drop area. You can also choose to drop in several images at once to remove backgrounds on multiple pictures. 2. Remove background. After image upload, the background is removed automatically without a single.

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Clip Finder - Description. Due to its unexpected appearance and overall behavior, Clip Finder is classified as a potentially unwanted application (PUA) and browser hijacker, set to change the settings of your default browser without your knowledge or permission. The browser hijacker itself could be advertised as an app that improves the browsing experience or hels the user get better search. Doing so will disable the the OneNote Clipping Tool, but if you ever want to reactive it just delete the .bak from the file name and it will revert to normal. Note: In order to see & rename file. Clipping Path Service Provider < Starts @ US $0.40. Independent Clipping Path - A Reliable Clipping Path & Image Retouching Service Provider company who are highly specialized in Clipping Path, Cut Out Image, Background Remove, Image Masking, Color Correction, Image Manipulation, Shadow Creation, E-commerce Image Editing, Photo Restoration. The price for N95 Mask is $1.99 each. If interested, please visit our site: facemaskusa.online. Kind Regards, Clipping Path Service Provider | Remove Photo Background. Reply. You Won't Want To Miss This! 50 pcs medical surgical masks only $1.99 and N95 Mask $1.79 each. Special Offer for the next 48 Hours ONLY

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Clipping is done during an open craniotomy. Endovascular repair (surgery), most often using a coil or coiling and stenting (mesh tubes), is a less invasive and more common way to treat aneurysms. During aneurysm clipping: You are given general anesthesia and a breathing tube. Your scalp, skull, and the coverings of the brain are opened Without creating a clipping path on your subject, it is nearly impossible to remove the background of a photo you want to. After selecting the pen tool, you will get the tool visible on the screen. For drawing clipping path, you have to have the knowledge of how the clipping path lines are drawn. There are different types of subjects you may get Clipping Expert BD, a leading outsourcing company that provides clipping path, multiple clipping path, image masking, photo enhancement, image manipulation, photo retouching and shadow services in a decent price with quick turnaround time.If you are looking for the image editing solutions then Yes! You are at right place. We are open 24/7 in 365 days for your service Draw Clipping Path. There are multiple ways to remove white background from jpg in Photoshop. One of the most effective ways is clipping path. Clipping path is a background removal technique which is used by most of the designers to remove the background from an image

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CLIPPING PATH IDOL. Clipping Path Idol is one of the well-known Photoshop clipping path service providers.CPI promise to serve you the high-quality image editing service with hand drown path. Basically, CPI is often Background Remove Services as deep etching, cut-outs, or making a silo editing for model photography or product post-production Get in touch with Background Remove for clipping path services. We have a pool of professionally trained graphic designers who boast of years of experience in a wide range of design services including deep-etching and clipping path. We have perfected the art in using Photoshop's Pen Tool that helps us to do highly precise clipping paths Remove Image Backgrounds Free & Fast - Background Burner. The Background Burner has been discontinued. Learn how to download your images before the website goes offline and stored images are lost. Return to your images

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Remove background from an image is a development procedure to increase the transparency of the photograph. Clipping Panda team has mastered background removing techniques through long practice. We provide Clipping Path Background Remove Service with efficiency In short, Clipping magic will help you a lot if you're looking for a quick solution. Have you tried the Clipping magic online tool? Feel free to share your private link with us to show us how well you managed to remove background image online using the Clipping magic tool Application of the remOVE System. The OTSC® or FTRD® clip might need removal in case of: Misplacement of the clip at an unwanted place; Accidental clipping of an instrument to the tissue; Local complications due to the clip (e.g. luminal obstruction) Need for repeat biopsy or for successive lesion resection at the sit Clipping path lets you remove and modify the photo background. Additionally, it also lets you set a transparent background to be used for webpages or to highlight the product photos for e-commerce sites. Manipulating the picture is easier when you clip the subject from the whole image

Or if you want to clip something as part of an automated process you can write a script or model that uses the Clip tool. To help you decide what to use, here are the different options and the results you will get. Clipping Option: Remove Inside. Remove Outside. Data > Export Data (or Image Analysis window > Export)- Using Selected Graphics. Preserve Clip— Allows you to specify a selected polygon as a cut feature, which removes features outside the selected cut feature's geometry. Split— Allows you to split overlapping features of a selected cut feature at all intersections. The Discard Clip operation. The Discard Clip operation is unique in that it requires you to choose a. To remove a dead toenail, first wash your toe with soapy water. Then, use nail clippers to carefully clip off any portion of the nail that isn't firmly resting against the nail bed. Avoid clipping off any healthy portions of the nail. Use a nail file to carefully smooth down any jagged edges on the remaining part of your nail Remove Image Background. Clipping Path India (CPI) offers various Image background remove service for its valued customers. We can deliver 5000 images/ day. The company has more than 30 years of experience in the image editing service. Remove background from image is one of the prominent services from their service list Clipping path is a widely used method of removing the background using high-quality tools in Photoshop. Because in online shopping, it is important to present the images on the best background, clipping path helps achieve the results by changing the background.Usually, the background is set to white and the object to be sold is placed on top of that background so the object pops out

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Offshore Clipping Path is offering you a free trial to test our service quality. Whether you need background removal or photo retouching, you can trust Offshore Clipping Path to provide you with the best, discounted, and high-quality services How to remove inPixio Photo Clip. inPixio Photo Clip can be uninstalled from Windows Control Panel or Apps and Features like most programs. However, manually uninstalling the program will not remove malware, adware, spyware, viruses, and other threats from an infected computer Now that you know how to remove background in Photoshop, you can create some wonderful designs like a pro designer. Don't forget to keep practicing. If you don't have sufficient time to create a clipping path then you can hire us. We have 50+ professional photoshop experts, who can complete your task very quickly and perfectly Clip layer: the boundary you want to clip the input layer to. This will typically be a state, country, etc. Output shapefile: the folder where you want to save the new shapefile to and the name of the new shapefile; For this example, the input vector layer is the nationwide census tracts, the clip layer is the NC state boundary

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