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With the age dispersion described, there will be heavy but young piglets (many of them in group 2) weight, and light old pigs (group 3). Weight dispersion affects hierarchy —and therefore competition between piglets for resources like feed, water, place in the pen, etc.—, as well as weight dispersion as pigs are transferred to the. weaning litters of pigs at 12, 15, 18, or 21 d of age, with all pigs fed a common nursery feeding program. Trial 1 was conducted in a randomized complete block design with four wean age treatments (12, 15, 18 or 21 d of age) in four blocks. In trial 2, litters were weaned at 15, 16, 18

Therefore, pigs weaned at 28 days of age are more capable of handling non-milk carbohydrate and protein than pigs weaned at 14 days of age Three weaning age categories (18.5, 21.5 and 24.5 days) were created by weaning litters at 18 and 19, 21 and 22, or 24 and 25 days of age. Pigs were placed into a wean-to-finish research facility with each pen containing 13 barrows and 13 gilts. Pens of pigs were then weighed and randomly assigned to an antibiotic or antibiotic-free program January 2011 edited January 2011. I've always weaned at 3 weeks (both indoor and out), but alot of others on this site wean later than that, at about 6 weeks. Once her pigs are weaned she should be ready for mating 4-6 days later The total age in days of gilts, at mating, divided by the number of gilts (approximately 7 to 8 months) Weaners are pigs that have been weaned from their mother - usually about 8 weeks old. They will have been eating solid food for quite a few weeks, and they should be fine without their mother at this stage. Only buy from breeders who you trust

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These prices include freight and fees on a farm to farm basis. Most lots of 40-60 weight pigs have a sliding value from the negotiated weight basis which is calculated on the actual average weight of the load plus or minus .25-.40 per pound. Some early weaned lots have a slide of .50-1.00 per pound. Early weaned pigs are under 21 days old Piglets are separated from their mothers at an age of 3-4 weeks (weaning). In the US, weaning can be done as early as 1-2 weeks. By removing piglets early, the sow can be mated again and early weaning therefore maximises the number of piglets a sow can have in a year. Natural weaning would not occur until the piglets were over 12 weeks of age. EU rules prevent weaning before 28 days for most pig-rearin This is weaning pigs at an 'early' age, usually less than 18 days old and removing them from the breeding herd immediately after weaning as a means of eliminating, or at least reducing, the disease load in pigs entering weaner facilities. Medicated early weaning (MEW Age and body weight. A weaner/young pig requires a diet higher in protein and energy than does a finisher pig or an adult pig. Genetic potential of your pigs. Fast growing breeds (e.g. Large White, Landrace, Duroc) require more protein in their diet than breeds that do not grow as fast (e.g. Berkshire, Hampshire).. Starter Ration :Feed fed to newly weaned pigs. Weaner: Or nursery pig, after weaning up to 25 kilograms body weight. Nursery Pig Requirements Newly weaned pigs must adapt to solid food, drinking from a water nipple or bowl, a change in environment and a separation from the sow. Pigs are often housed by gender and/or body weight siz

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In the first study, piglets will be weaned at either (a) 12-14 or (b) 28-30 days of age. At weaning pigs will be moved to standard nursery pens and subjected to typical production practices. Blood samples will be collected throughout the weaning, nursery, growing and finishing phases and assessed for baseline immune and endocrine measures As an example our No2 Weaner Feeder is designed with a 200mm wide feed space for pigs from 7kg to 35kg. A 7kg pig needs a 110mm wide feed space and a 30kg pig needs 200mm, so the feeder is suitable for this pig as he reaches his maximum weight Nevertheless, the cost-benefit analyses supported the use of the LC diet during the weaner period for animals weaned at 27 d of age and above 8.5 kg, and possibly for the pigs weaned above 6.5 kg. The HC feeding regime was only cost effective for piglets weaned L (below 6.5 kg weaning weight at 27 days of age)

Introduction. Weaning age is a topic that is constantly discussed across the global swine industry. In nature, weaning in pigs is a gradual process that occurs around 10 to 12 wk of age, coinciding with the near complete maturation of the gastrointestinal tract (Moeser et al., 2017).However, in commercial pig production, weaning is abrupt, occurring at around 2 to 4 wk of age Furthermore, after detection of H. parasuis in four necropsied weaned pigs, 20 nasal swabs were taken from the weaners, gilts and sows in order to compare characteristics of the strains from sick and healthy (carriers) animals. Nasal swabs were analysed with the use of isolation and identification of microorganisms (biochemical identification.

What's more important other than piglet age at weaning time is piglet weight. According to the Purina Animal Nutrition Center, piglets should weigh between 18-21-pounds when they are weaned. Usually, this is around four to eight weeks of age, but this can depend on the breed and health of the pigs pigs were weaned from parity 1 sows. At birth, pigs were ear-tagged with different colored tags to identify the exact age when weaned. To create three weaning age categories, litters were weaned at 18 and 19, 21 and 22, or 24 and 25 d of age to generate pigs weaned at 18.5, 21.5, and 24.5 d of age, respectively Pigs are generally weaned between 21 and 35 days of age except on some large commercial operations which might wean at an earlier age. If pigs are weaned beyond 21 days, then supplemental or 'creep' feed should be offered as sows generally cannot keep up with the nutritional needs of the growing pigs, especially if she has a large litter Scanning electron microscopy was performed on jejunal specimens from suckling pigs killed at 2, 10, 21, 28 and 35 d of age and in 21-d and 35-d weaned pigs at various ages postweaning. A 2 X 2 factorial arrangement of postweaning diets also was used to investigate jejunal morphological measurements in a 21-d-old weanling pig group Along with heavier pigs at birth, research supports the benefits of a higher wean age in producing a quality weaned pig, starting with the classic work Main led nearly two decades ago. His PhD thesis focused on weaning age, which correlated with a heavier pig and faster growth rate to market

  1. We offer two sizes of pig feeder for weaner pigs. The No1 weaner is for pigs 5 kg to 15 kg and the No2 weaner is for pigs 7 kg to 35 kg. No.1 Weaner Feeders. For more information, call our office on No1 Weaner Feeder Suitable for pigs Age: 4 weeks to 7 weeks Weight: 5 kg to 15 kg
  2. In exp. 1, 72 white cross pigs (6 pigs per litter) were used to evaluate the impact of weaning age on pig immune status and growth through 20 wks of age. Pigs weaned at 28 d of age were heavier through 12 wk of age compared to those pigs weaned at 14 d. Baseline immune differences were found between pigs weaned at 14 and 28 d of age
  3. Once weaned, piglets are placed in a nursery until they are approximately 8-10 weeks of age. The last stage in pig production is known as grow-finish, or fattening, when pigs are fed until they reach market weight. Pigs are normally sold for meat at five to six months of age (older in some countries)

Our finisher pigs have about 0.75 (boars) to 1 (gilts) of back fat. Note all back fat measurements include the skin. On a high calorie diet all of these go to much higher back fat as we've seen with people who buy weaner piglets from us and put them on either whole milk (4 of back fat on gilts at 8 months) or commercial corn/soy based feed. Piglets are weaned from the sow between 16 and 30 days of age on the majority of commercial pig units. However, weaning piglets at an earlier age may decrease the transmission of disease between dam and litter, and may also allow for an increase in piglets born per dam in a given amount of time The best time to vaccinate small pigs is around weaning time, as they are individually handled regularly. This is usually around 3 to 6 weeks of age. However, some breeders and owners prefer to spread out the stress that comes from weaning and vaccinations, and choose to vaccinate a few days after the pig has been weaned Pig housing: Weaner housing and management. A weaner house is the unit where weaned piglets (weaner/grower) are housed from the time they are separated from the lactating sows. The optimal recommended weaning age is when piglets attain 35 days, however, in some intensive farming systems some are weaned as early as 28 days old

Daily nursery pig care should focus on four areas: feed, water, environment and animal care. Providing for the basic needs of young pigs can go a long way in promoting health, efficient growth and a successful nursery program. Feed: Getting young pigs started right. Feed intake is crucial for a newly weaned pig Weaner pigs can benefit from dietary folic acid. A recent Chinese study determined that dietary folic acid supplementation can improve the growth performance and intestinal morphology of weaned piglets by maintaining the balance of epithelial cell renewal. The study was published in the peer-reviewed journal Animal Nutrition in December 2020. Basically, pigs weaned at about 2 to 3 weeks-of-age are constantly in an energy-deficient phase in which feed intake determines growth performance. For every 100 g of extra feed per day that weaned pigs ingest during the first week postweaning, body weight increases by 1,500 g at the end of the fourth week postweaning piglet, weaner, boar, barrow, stag, gilt, sow. Piglet. unweaned young pig. Weaner. young pig recently separated from the sow. Boar. male pig of breeding age. Barrow. castrated male pig before puberty. Stag. castrated male pig after puberty. Gilt. young female pig that has not had piglets. Sow. Female pig that has had piglets. Calving. process. However, in another study, Dunshea et al. (2003) found that pigs weaned at 14 days of age had higher P2 back fat at 23 weeks of age compared to those weaned at 28 days of age (13.1 v 10.9 mm), while in another investigation Dritz et al. (1996) observed that pigs weaned at 9 days of age and fed a low complexity diet post-weaning had a higher.

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5 TIPS FOR NEW PIG OWNERS. • Always pick the best-looking piglet - never the runt, as it won't grow as fast. • The best time of year for gardeners to pick a weaner piglet/s is at the beginning. Suckling pig, a piglet slaughtered for its tender meat; Feeder pig, a weaned gilt or barrow weighing between 18 kg (40 lb) and 37 kg (82 lb) at 6 to 8 weeks of age that is sold to be finished for slaughter; Porker, market pig between 30 kg (66 lb) and about 54 kg (119 lb) dressed weight; Baconer, a market pig between 65 kg (143 lb) and 80 kg (180 lb) dressed weight Hence, this experiment aimed to elucidate the frequency of TIM in relation to gender, age and group composition regarding gender in weaner pigs. Pigs were reared in groups of 24 until 5 weeks of age and then divided into three groups: (A) eight female pigs, (B) eight castrated male pigs and (C) four female and four castrated male pigs (mixed pen) 150-300. 1 Amino acids are presented as ratios to standardised ileal digestible lysine. 2 The maximum permitted level of copper in piglet feed is 150 mg/kg up to 4 weeks post-weaning and 100 mg/kg between 5 and 8 weeks post-weaning. 3 Digestible phosphorus level is based on diet formulation without the use of phytase Pigs were derived from 10 litters, with five litters weaned at 4 weeks and five litters weaned at 6 weeks of age. At weaning (day 0), pigs were removed from the sow and individually housed in one of six rooms, each containing eight pens per room

Early weaned pig prices have increased with prices for 10-12 pound pigs up over $48/head and 40 pound pigs up over $32/head over that same time period (figure 1). Lower feed costs are being reflected in early weaned pig markets in two ways — higher overall prices and a narrower spread between 10-12 pound and 40 pound pigs. Pounds always add u RIVERINA PIG WEANER PELLETS / MEAL (Medicated) should be fed ad lib in a self-feeder from a live weight of 12kg (approximately two weeks after weaning) to a live weight of 30kg (10 - 12 weeks of age). Environmental conditions including temperature and hygiene are of vital importance to ensure good performance

Step Down in Complexity. After a pig is weaned, Otto-Tice recommends feeding a series of diets based on the pig's age and nutritional needs, starting with highly complex diets and stepping down in complexity - and ingredient costs - as pigs grow. The baby pig is producing different enzymes in their gut compared to older pigs that don. Wait until 7-8 months of age before regular use, 2-4 times per week until one year of age. Mature boars can perform 6-10 services per week. of a large continuously farrowing sow unit is by calculation of the Piglets Weaned per Sow per Month in operations where weaner pigs are sold or Finished Animals Marketed per Sow per Month in Farrow-to.

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noun. A calf, lamb, or pig weaned during the current year. as modifier 'weaner gilts'. More example sentences. 'Their days are long, over 12 hours, up at 5 am, feeding themselves, other workers, horses and dogs, and then droving, moving up to 2200 head of cattle (including weaners, calves and bullocks) at a time, along the roadside. Pigs weaned at 28 d had decreased diarrhea incidence from d 8 to 14 (p < 0.01) and the entire experimental period (p < 0.01) compared with pigs weaned at 21 d. On d 28, the pH of the stomach contents in pigs weaned at 21 d was significantly higher compared with pigs weaned at 28 d (p < 0.01)

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Define weaners. weaners synonyms, weaners pronunciation, weaners translation, English dictionary definition of weaners. n 1. a person or thing that weans 2. a pig that has just been weaned and weighs less than 40 kg 3 Age Product Quantity; 2-10 weeks: OPI02-C Pig Weaner crumble: AdLib: 10 - weeks: OPI04-P Pig Grower/ Finisher Pellet: Growers to be fed approx 1.5-2.5 kg/day Finisher to be fed approx 2.5-3.5kg/day: Breeders: OPI05 - Pig Breeder: Lactating Sow 6-8kg Dry Sow 2-2.5kg Boar 2-3k At 28 days of age, half of the pigs had a dietary change to a cereal-based weaner diet fed as slurry, and the others remained on milk substitute. Animals were labelled by oral administration of 15N-labelled yeast for 10 days (days 15 to 25) Thereafter, pigs were grouped and given a common weaner diet and a common finisher diet to slaughter. In experiment 2, pigs (no. = 408) were weaned at between 20 and 28 days of age. Pigs were allocated by weight to heavy (7 to 8 kg), medium (6 to 7 kg) and light (5 to 6 kg) groups (24 groups of 17 pigs) and assigned to treatment Five week weaned pigs also had improved feed conversion efficiency compared to those weaned at 3 or 4 weeks (Table 1). Previously it was shown that each 1 day increase in weaning age contributes ~500 g of an increase in weight at 28 days post-weaning (Lawlor et al., 2003a)

Have a litter of Twelve Hamp Cross Weaner Pigs for Sale, born 9/25/20, Wormed and Weaned on 11/24/20, perfect age for stock show. Price $75-1-3 pigs , $70-4-7 pigs , $65-8 or more pigs . Price Limited data indicate that the response of pigs to added citric acid may Acidification of weaner pig diets TABLE 1 Summary of published data on the effects of citric acid supplementation on the performance of weaner pigs Reference Initial age (days) Pigs per group Basal diet Level o citric f acid (g kg-') YOchanges in Daily gain Feed intake. Weaner Pigs - $75 (COLFAX) Have a litter of Twelve Hamp Cross Weaner Pigs for Sale, born 9/25/20, Wormed and Weaned on 11/24/20, perfect age for stock show. Price $75-1-3 pigs, $70-4-7 pigs, $65-8 or more pigs. Weaner pigs - $75 (Logan) I'll be bringing weaner pigs directly from my family farm in Utah on the 6th or the 13th of June. To the. Diets were fed ad libitum for 14 d postweaning to pigs weaned at 29.4+/-3.1 d of age and 9.9+/-1.0 kg of BW. From d 14 to slaughter at 104+/-3 kg, all pigs were fed the same series of standard commercial diets. There were 15 replicates per treatment in the weaner phase (<30 kg) and 5 replicates per treatment in the grower-finisher phase (>30 kg)

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  1. Growth performance of pigs weaned at 14-23 days of age was significantly lower than that of pigs weaned at 28-35 days of age [9,10,11]. When using dietary antibiotics, growth performance of weaned pigs increases linearly with increasing weaning age to 25 d, which seems to be the optimal weaning age [ 12 , 13 ]
  2. Pigs weaned at 21 d had an improved F:G from d 15 to 28 ( p < 0.05) compared with pigs weaned at 28 d. Pigs weaned at 28 d had decreased diarrhea incidence from d 8 to 14 ( p < 0.01) and the entire experimental period ( p < 0.01) compared with pigs weaned at 21 d. On d 28, the pH of the stomach contents in pigs weaned at 21 d was significantly.
  3. Wiki User. ∙ 2012-10-23 18:10:14. Best Answer. Copy. Most typically pigs are weaned at six to eight weeks of age. They can begin eating a baby pig ration just as a training period at two to.
  4. WEANER/GRoWER until 15 weeks of age. then feed RELIANCE PIG NUts until slaughter. • oPtIoN 2 - Creep feed with PIG WEANER/GRoWER while providing sows milk or milk replacer until seven - eight weeks of age. Wean off milk or milk replacer at seven - eight weeks of age and feed PIG WEANER/GRoWER until slaughter (faster growing lean breeds only)
  5. Feeder pigs should be sold at 50-60 pounds. If the plan for your pig operation is to sell feeder pigs, you'll want to be selling those piglets when they are fully weaned and 50-60 pounds. These piglets will be 10-12 weeks old and weaned since 8 weeks of age. You can sell smaller feeder pigs, is that is the normal size for feeder pigs in your.

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The SEW pigs were weaned at 14—15 days of age and weighed 8—8.5 pounds. At the beginning of the trial the age and weights of the pigs left on pasture were similar to the SEW pigs (Table 1). In 1995, at approximately 9 weeks of age the SEW pigs were 4 pounds heavier than the conventionally weaned pigs, which had been weaned at 5 weeks (Table 2) Length of pregnancy. In pigs, three months, three weeks and three days. Hog: A castrated male pig. Piglet: A young pig. Weaner: A piglet separated from its mother and eating only solid food. Weaning can take place anytime between five and ten weeks of age. Porker: A pig reared to pork weight, normally about 60kg live weight, rather than to.

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It has become more important in recent years with piglet mortality sometimes exceeding 50% in high-health status herds. The disease usually affects weaned pigs, but suckling piglets can be affected. Often the heaviest, best looking, piglets die. Pigs are fevered, depressed, slow to rise, lack appetite, and have swollen joints pigs weaned at 4 weeks of age should be used, as informed by the sister project AGEWEAN, and ii) the dietary treatments should be expanded to include sodium butyrate which had shown some beneficial effects on gut architecture post-weaning in Objective 1.2. Treatments thus comprised: Control (C), a hig Six-week-old pigs, already weaned, can be bought by mail. By feeding surplus garden vegetables, table scraps, and some grain they'll grow up to 200 pounds in 20 weeks Weaner pig A pig between the age of weaning and when it reaches about 40 pounds in weight.Found on http://www.crestcapital.com/tax/pig_farming_glossary.htm

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Pigs should be fed at least once a day. Lactating sows, piglets and weaned piglets should be fed more often. Typically, growing pigs raised under commercial conditions are provided with unlimited access to feed from weaning until harvest. The nutritional requirements of individual pigs are dependent upon their age and reproductive status Phase 3: Phase 3 (25-40 pounds) is a time when the pig is ready to transition closer to a corn-soy diet. The phase 3 pig is very efficient and in a plane of rapid growth; as a result, higher energy diets are needed during this phase. Phase 4: Phase 4 (40-55 pounds) is usually similar to phase 1 finishing diets A female pig that has had at least one litter of piglets. Stags. Male pigs that are castrated at any age after reaching sexual maturity. Sexual maturity is reached at five to six months of age. Starter or Nursery Pigs . Boars, barrows, and gilts from approximately two to four weeks of age and approximately 50 to 60 lbs (23 to 27 kg). Breed

Define weaner. weaner synonyms, weaner pronunciation, weaner translation, English dictionary definition of weaner. n 1. a person or thing that weans 2. a pig that has just been weaned and weighs less than 40 kg 3 The study was performed with 40 Norwegian Landrace castrated male weaner pigs (average age of 56 days) at the experimental farm of the Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Aas, Norway. Each group of 20 pigs was fed either a control diet (CON) based on wheat, barley and SBM or an experimental rapeseed diet (RSF) where wheat and SBM were. At weaning, the variation in weight among a cohort of pigs that only differ 1-2 days in age is around 22-25% when measured by the coefficient of variation. Because of the large variation at weaning, many producers assign weaned pigs to nursery pens based on their relative size

Other pigs, weaned at 16 d of age to a milk protein diet fed either in dry or liquid form, were killed at 22 d of age. In Exp. 2, pigs were reared exclusively by the sow and killed at 14, 17 and 21 d of age. All data are expressed as units per kilogram body weight. The pH of stomach contents increased during the first week of age The fastest growth rates in young pigs were recorded by Hodge (1974), who offered reconstituted cow's milk (20 percent DM) for ad libitum consumption to pigs from 10 to 50 days of age. At 30 days of age, these pigs reached 15 kg with an astonishing growth rate of almost 600 g/day. Most modern pigs would still struggle to adapt to post-weaning.

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The domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus or only Sus domesticus), often called swine, hog, or simply pig when there is no need to distinguish it from other pigs, is an omnivorous, domesticated even-toed ungulate.It is variously considered a subspecies of the Eurasian boar or a distinct species.The domestic pig's head-plus-body length ranges from 0.9 to 1.8 m (2 ft 11 in to 5 ft 11 in), and. The effects of fumonisin on pig intestinal health are well documented, but little is known regarding its impact on gut microbiota. We investigate the effects of the fumonisin (FB1, 12 mg/kg feed) on the fecal microbiota of piglets (n = 6) after 0, 8, 15, 22, and 29 days of exposure Numerous terms are used to describe pigs of various ages, sexes and ultimate purpose, such as sow, boar, piglet, sucker, weaner, baconer, porker, chopper and stag. When a young pig is up for sale, or being shown, however, it usually is referred to as a barrow or a gilt. These terms define not only. 4-step guide to pig feeding and rations. Feed accounts for about 60-70% of the cost of pigmeat production. It is, therefore, important to get the formulations and rations right at each stage of.

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I read your story. it is interesting and very realistic. I come from a farming background and we did raise hundreds of pigs. I am 65 and while reading ads on craigs list located and purchased 3 piglets @ $25.00 each. that was oct 19, it is now dec 20/18. my pigs live in a hutch made of old skids $0.00. the paddock is made of the same skids 12′ x 32″ (36′ x 24′.) portable cost $0.00. Alternatives to antimicrobial compounds in diets for weaner pigs, and prevention of PWD through dietary intervention Antibiotic growth promoters (AGP) have long been used in the commercial pig industry not only for elimination or reduction in pathogenic bacteria but also for promotion of growth (Moore et al., 1946; Jukes et al., 1950)

The Pig Place is 6 miles from Junction 10 on the M40. Pick up the A43 towards Silverstone and then the B4100 for Aynho. Head through the village and continue along the B4100, past 2 car garages and a turning to Kings Sutton. 200 yards past the turn is an entrance to a layby shielded from road by trees. The Pig Place entrance is within this lay-by 1. Individual pig care This is the biggest opportunity to get weaned pigs off to a good start, Fombelle said. The day-to-day activity of what we do in the barns is critical. He said, ideally, caregivers should be in the barn three to four times a day during the first 2 weeks The swine industry has a continuous drive for improved performance, including genetic-driven growth potential, which calls for innovative nutritional solutions. Find a nutrition solution that works for your farm - and, for healthy, productive pigs, including the technologies in UltraCare ® pre-starters and starters. Nutrition for Weaned Pigs

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Pigs are approximately 70-80 lbs about 15 weeks of age. Growing well looking for a new home. $150 each or $1350 if you take the whole group. We have a litter of Mangalitsa (Mangalica) cross weaner pigs available. The Mangalitsa is a woolly Hungarian breed which is often described as being the Kobe beef of the pork world Miller et al. (1986) reported that the specific activities of sucrase, lactase and isomaltase fell by at least 50% of during the first 5 days after weaning in pigs weaned at 28 or 42 days of age. On the other hand, the activities of maltase and glucoamylase doubled from the day 3 to the day 7 PW ( Figure 3 ) (Kelly et al., 1991)

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1. Br J Nutr. 2008 Jun;99(6):1217-25. Epub 2007 Nov 28. Addition of oat hulls to an extruded rice-based diet for weaner pigs ameliorates the incidence of diarrhoea and reduces indices of protein fermentation in the gastrointestinal tract Acute ileitis mainly occurs in gilts and older finisher pigs of 3-12 months of age. In contrast, in the chronic form, onset occurs more gradually and symptoms last for up to several weeks. The chronic form is usually seen in weaner and grower pigs

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CWLE PIG SALE FRIDAY 16.07.2021 AT 11AM . COMPLETE DISPERSAL SALE . A/C M Gaunt - 20 mixed age XB Sows - 20 XB Gilts - 8 XB Sows & Suckers - 50 Weaned Suckers . For more information regarding Fridays pig sale please contact Murray . 048843220 If you've cared for weaned piglets and want to take the next step in swine herding, the author has a lot of advice on how to breed pigs Pigs weaned per sow per year (PWSY) The number of pigs weaned per sow per year (PWSY) [] is commonly used as a benchmarking measurement to compare the productivity of breeding herds, either between herds in a country or between countries.The target values for PWSY have increased from 20 to 30 pigs over the last three decades, and it is likely that genetics and sow management can increase PWSY. A newly weaned pig might look like it's ready to transition to a phase 2 diet after eating only 3 pounds of phase 1, Otto-Tice says. But, if that phase 1 diet is formulated for 6 pounds or more intake, it will be too early for the pig. On the inside, its gut is not mature enough to fully handle the reduced complexity of the. Copra Meal, Palm Kernel Expellers or Palm Kernel Meal in Diets for Weaner Pigs. 21 May 2014. Pig performance between nine and 20kg was similar on a diet containing 15 per cent palm kernel meal as the maize-soybean meal control diet, according to new research at the University of Illinois. Pig performance may be

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