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Funny how in a city of 750,000 one could feel so utterly alone and vulnerable - half a million people and no one to protect you. It's partially the nature of the location of Winnipeg. Alone in the Prairies, in the middle of the country, where the wind blows hard and the snow can pile up around your feet while you wait to cross the street On a different topic my food is toe-riffic. Welp I think I am just toe-ing you around now so I will make my way out. Ladies, if a guy ever tells you he wants to cover you from head to toe in honey and lick it off inch by inch, that's a man who's never done it before. I don't think we should call it 'camel toe A whole tub of margarine fell on my toe three weeks ago and it still hurts. A whole tub of margarine fell on my toe three weeks ago and it still hurts. I can't believe it's not butter. I've got a foot fetish, but they have to have all ten toes.. Cornwall bears a certain resemblance to Italy: each is like a leg or boot, but Italy stands a-tiptoe to the south, whereas Cornwall is thrust out to the west. But, whereas Italy is kicking Sicily as a football, Cornwall has but the shattered group of the Scilly Isles at its toe There you go - 41 funny tote bag sayings for you to make custom DIY Tote Bags either by using vinyl or using a freezer paper stencil if you don't have a vinyl cutter. Join 2,500 crafty people who get new DIY tutorials by email! Related posts: Simple Heart Pendants - DIY Polymer Clay Necklace

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  1. d need not. Marsilio Ficino. 0. It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees. Emiliano Zapata. 0. You have to be fast on your feet and adaptive or else a strategy is useless
  2. Jul 13, 2018 - Funny and cute podiatry related pins. . See more ideas about podiatry, humor, funny
  3. Feb 15, 2016 - Everything towing. See more ideas about tow truck driver, towing humor, tow truck
  4. From smoking your socks to being in the wind, here are 49 funny Norwegian sayings translated from Norwegian into English, that'll make you giggle. This year, I decided I wanted to learn Norwegian. I've visited Norway a few times and fell in love with the unbelievable beauty of its fjords,.

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  1. Toes Quotes - BrainyQuote. Being natural is incredibly empowering for women because it's just who you are. You're embracing all the beautiful things about you from your head to your toes. Because when you mask so much of your natural beauty, people don't get to see that. Rozonda Thomas. Beauty Women Beautiful
  2. Discover and share Funny Quotes About Feet. Explore our collection of motivational and famous quotes by authors you know and love
  3. What is a sensitive person?' said the Cracker to the Roman Candle. 'A person who, because he has corns himself, always treads on other people's toes,' answered the Roman Candle in a low whisper; and the Cracker nearly exploded with laughter. ― Oscar Wilde, Stories For Childre
  4. Funny quotes about life sayings If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. if you don't obey the rules above you can't. 1. I wish people came with a 30 second trailer. So I can see what I'm getting myself into
  5. Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars (A catchphrase from Casey Kasem In America's Top 40) Lady Madonna, children at your feet (Beatles song lyric) Land on your feet Light on your fee
  6. To get you in the summer beach spirit I've rounded up 117 of the best beach quotes. These short beach quotes cover everything from funny beach quotes to inspirational summer quotes. I'm sure you'll find a beach quote that you'll love! There is not just one type of beach quote, here are funny, cute, short, and life beach quotes
  7. Funny Safety Slogans for Work . If you think safety rules are a pain, try having an accident . The only trip you take should be on vacation . The person reading this poster is responsible for your safety . 10 fingers. 10 toes, If you are not safe Who knows? Be safe. You can't get the life again . Protect your thoughts and wear your hard ha

Tomato Jokes and Puns. These funny tomato jokes and puns will make you and the kids laugh. These one-liner jokes about tomatoes paste, ketchup and more. Also, take a look at our food and other funny jokes categories Some Funny Camel Quotes. It is easier to make a camel jump a ditch than to make a fool listen to reason. ― Turkish Proverb. No camel route is long, with good company. ― Turkish Proverb. In a way, I'd rather ride down the street on a camel than give what is sometimes called an in-depth interview. I'd rather ride down the street on a. Nail Puns & Funny Nail Quotes. Kicking things off with a smile, I want to dedicate this first section to nail puns & funny nail quotes. Upon searching the web for relatable & funny nail quotes, I realized that there were a plethora of funny sayings to choose from Funny Toe Face Tattoo. Girly Skull Both Big Toes Tattoo. Green Dragonfly Toe Tattoo For Girls. Green Toe Vine Tattoo For Girls. Grey Camel Tattoo On Toe. 125 Best Hope Quotes And Sayings That Will Empower; 130 Most Famous Unity Quotes And Sayings For Inspiration; FOLLOW US ON Funny Get Well Messages. If I told you to Get Well Soon, it wouldn't be soon enough. Get Well Now! Please get well soon. I can only be nice to you for so long. Laughter is the best medicine, or gin.. whatever. There are easier ways to get off work, you know. Glad you're on the mend

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Some funny eulogy quotes include: One of the hardest things I've ever had to do was say goodbye to you, your kindness, your love, and your amazing fart jokes. No one could pull off leopard print like (insert deceased individual's name). I mean if she (he) were here today, she'd (he'd) be rocking an aggressively leopard look head to toe and. Inhale the good shit exhale the bullshit mini wood sign, inspirational sign, funny sayings, humor sign, KPCustomsLLC. From shop KPCustomsLLC. 5 out of 5 stars. (489) 489 reviews. $15.00. Favorite

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Funny Get Well Soon Messages: Cheer up your near and dear one by sending funny get well soon messages to make them happy during their illness.May your loved one feel more batter by receiving some funny get well soon texts from you and that could bring a big smile of happiness on their face Grown Ups Quotes Gloria: Like when Rob snapped at me the other day, that was scary. And you all thought I was so calm, but inside I was saying Gloria Nunen, do not call him a bug-eyed sociopath.. conservative, joe biden 48 years in a row, your is as useless as biden, funny republican sayings, funny republican quotes, joe biden sucks, biden election book, joe biden for kids, know your parasites, anti joe biden, pro america, anti biden, anything but democrat, funny republican, patriot, when i die dont let me vote democrat, republican.

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  1. Quotes tagged as socks Showing 1-27 of 27. One can never have enough socks, said Dumbledore. Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn't get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.. Roland glares at Connor and Connor glares back. Then he says what he always says at moments like this. Nice socks
  2. Socks. $11.00. Women's. Rosie the Riveter Socks. $9.00. The Sock Drawer proudly carries the largest selection of awesome novelty socks for women you will ever find -- meaning you are now just a hop, skip and a jump away from art, animal, food and drink, pop culture, holiday and word socks. Your feet will be rocking the most attention-grabbing.
  3. Peruse our Funny Quotes and Sayings for Birthday & Greeting Cards and you'll find humorous greeting card sayings that cover the gamut of human tomfoolery. At NobleWorks Cards, nothing is sacred. You'll find funny birthday card sayings and funny greeting card sayings lampooning men, women, old people, friends and even mothers
  4. Camel Toe quotes - Read more quotes and sayings about Camel Toe. TOPIC. AUTHOR. Close. Search. Close. Search. Close. Search. Close. Search. EVENTS. MEMBERS. LOGIN I'm smart and I can be really funny and interesting and I can go toe-to-toe with anybody in a conversation. Megan Fox. 5 Likes
  5. Sign in a podiatrist office window: 'Time wounds all heels.' Funny Chiropodist's Sign Funny Podiatrist Joke How Smart is Your Right Foot? Boots Are Made For Walking Shoe Problem? Contents0.0.0.1 1 Funny Podiatrist's Sign2 Funny Podiatrist Jokes3 How Smart is Your Right Foot?4 Out of the Mouths of Babes:5 Feet Funnies6 Shoe Problem?7 True Funny Podiatrist Jokes and Pictures Read.
  6. Funny Dance Quotes Group 5. For an Irishman, talking is a dance. - Deborah Love No one dances sober, unless he is insane. - Cicero I don't make love by kissing, I make love by dancing. - Fred Astaire Dancing is poetry with arms and legs. - Charles Baudelaire. You should make a point of trying every experience once, excepting incest and folk-dancing
  7. level 1. Squalor-. · 7y. The Tow Nazi plays no games. If you are one second past your allotted parking time, he doesn't even wait for you to get a ticket. It's straight to NO CAR FOR YOU! The Tow Nazi has never even heard of a car boot. It's straight to towing

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Apr 16, 2019 - Explore Caitlin Schmidt's board Funny cow sayings on Pinterest. See more ideas about show cattle, showing livestock, cow quotes Cute Baby Feet Quotes. 1. There's really nothing quite so sweet as tiny little baby feet. 2. A baby makes footprints in our hearts that never dim or fade. 3. just to wiggle all their toes! 4. Precious one, so small, so sweet Dancing in on Angel's feet, Straight from heaven's brightest star, What a miracle you truly are..

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Morning Funny Meme Dump 37 Pics. July 8, 2021 Jon. Read more. Funny Pictures. Top Funny Pictures of the Day Funny Summer Quotes & Sayings. Toes in the sand and a cocktail in the hand; Wake me up when it's summer When all else fails, take a vacation. - Betty Williams; Life is better in a bikini Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it. - Russell Baker; I need summer to be longer so I have more time to do nothing Celebrate USA Independence with funny 4 th of July jokes and funny Fourth of July messages that make a wonderful share with your family and friends. Send to everyone around you the hilarious sayings about USA Independence Day. Share the inspiring US Independence Day messages and funny 4 th of July quotes to bring smile to all the faces around you.. In this post, we present to you the.

Is your sense of humor as good as your sense of style? This collection of funny saying socks for women will crack you up! Fashion is a form of self-expression. What better to express than a sense of humor The ocean breeze puts my mind at ease. The ocean's roar is music to the soul. Every day should be a beach day. I lost my heart to the sea. Let the currents guide your heart. Eternity begins and ends with the ocean's tides. Happiness is a day at the beach. Every seashell has a story. Let the sea set you free

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Keep reading for the 50 best quotes from Hocus Pocus. 1. It's all just a bunch of hocus pocus.. — Max. 2. I had to wait 300 years for a virgin to light a candle. —Thackery Binx. 3 Funny Gymnastics Slogans. Gymnastics: Blood, sweat, and chalk. Gymnasts Defeat Gravity. You run like a girl, and you jump like a girl. Heck, you even swing like a girl. You do six-foot-high somersaults on a 4-foot high, 4-inch wide beam like a girl. If you're gonna eat mat, eat mat HARD! I only enjoy gymnastics on days that end in y Grown Ups quotes: the most famous and inspiring quotes from Grown Ups. The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by Movie Quotes .co Foghorn Leghorn Sayings. What's it all about boy, elucidate!. You're way off, I say you're way off this time son!. Pay attention, boy, I'm cuttin' but you ain't bleedin'!. Pay attention to me boy! I'm not just talkin' to hear my head roar. That's what I've been - I say, that's what I've. I'll be praying for a speedy and complete recovery! I love and care about all of you, but right now I'm sending my best wishes to your broken bone. I'm sending prayers to one who can comfort and heal the body and the spirit. Step 1: Rest. Step 2: Repeat step 1 for several weeks. Step 3: Do a little physical therapy

50+ Funny Church Sign Sayings. I bring you some funny from churches who have a sense of humor! *praise hands* Get ready to LOL or smile because these church signs are just fun. That's right, there are over 50 funny church sign sayings - and i'll add more if you send your funny church sign finds 2. Cute Beach Captions for Instagram. 3. Funny Beach Quotes & Funny Beach Captions. 4. Short Beach Quotes and Sayings. 5. Life on the Beach Quotes. 6. ️ Love on the Beach Quotes. 7. Beach Quotes About Life. 8. Beach Inspirational Quotes. 9. ‍♀️ A Day at the Beach Quotes Browser our catalog of thousands of funny, offensive, and sometimes just plain dumb t-shirts. High quality prints on heavyweight cotton tees shipped fas Mater quotes that you just cannot miss. There are so many Mater quotes that can help you when you are tired of being in the same old rut, and all you need is a little push, a little inspiration, a smile on the face, change of mood, bring you out of the banality of life, make you laugh a little, or may even make you cry a bit, and these Mater quotes exists just do that Funny husbands and wives NAILING it at marriage (30 Photos) by: Graysen. Jul 21, 2021 07/21/21. 1495 Liked! 26 Disliked 0 humor This laugh is on the house.(42 Photos) by: Elizabeth. Feb 5, 2021 2977 Liked! 61 Disliked 0 humor Advertisement. Advertisement..

The wishes would bring a smile on the face of the receiver being filled with funny quotes. Below mentioned are some humorous get well soon messages after surgery. 1). After your surgery, take minimal bed rest and after recovery, get out of the bed and start dancing. Get well soon. Hope your knee feels better soon Baby Boy Quotes. Adorable and even funny baby quotes that let you say how much you love your little boy. 21. His little hands stole my heart. His little feet ran away with it! 22. Let him sleep, for when he wakes up, he will move mountains. 23. A baby boy may leave smudges in the house and also on your heart. 24

amputee funny sayings Collection by Jen Lewis. 30 Haha, I have a rare condition called ectrodactly (my fingers and toes are shorter and not formed properly) so whenever someone says I don't bite! I like to walk up and say That's a lie it's pretty funny Every language has sayings that when taken literally in other languages, make no sense at all, and Persian certainly has its fair share of such expressions. After hastily publishing our list of the illustrated phrases, we were completely surprised to find the post take off and be shared like wild-fire. We finally had a taste of what it means to. Funniest Yearbook Quotes! Leave a Like if you enjoyed these funny senior yearbook quotes! Watch inventions you didn't know you needed https://youtu.be/-63LoA.. Happy Halloween Quotes, Greetings, Wishes, Sayings and Thoughts With Images. Halloween quotes: Halloween is a day, which is dedicated to remembering the dead, including, saints, martyrs, and all the faithful departed.It is a fun time of year. It is celebrated on the 31st of October in the whole world. people decorate their houses and buy some tasty candy and costumes

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The Dude: My only hope is that the Big Lebowski kills me before the Germans can cut my dick off. The Dude: You human paraquat! The Dude: Strikes and gutters, ups and downs. The Dude: He fixes the. From your head to your toes, find apparel that fits your unique sense of style. Funny Sayings. Funny Geek. Funny Girls. All T-Shirts. Millions of Designs Created by Independent Designers Get Unlimited Free Shipping with Zazzle Black Membership. Funny T-Shirts. 522,403 results Pretty much all of the best quotes in The Big Lebowski are spoken by either John Goodman or Jeff Bridges. They have a good supporting cast behind them, but they make the movie. 14. Obviously you're not a golfer.. The Coen brother's excellent and truly original screenplay for The Big Lebowski is full of absurdist dialogues and random. 150 Golden Girls Quotes. (Parade) 1. Let me tell you a story. Picture it: Sicily —Sophia. 2. I could get herpes listening to this story! —Dorothy. 3. I've been having a.

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Amazon.com : SurBaby Baby Socks with Funny Quotes (4 unique pairs) Girls/Boys Infant Socks Baby Shower Gift Set - 90% Cotton, Anti slip, Cutest Gift Box - Newborn Baby Gifts for Gender Reveal, New Parents : Bab Funny Quotes to get you to Laugh Out Loud The most important things is to take pleasure from your daily life to be delighted it is all that counts. Joy Quotes Love is the fact that condition when the pleasure of some other individual is vital to your personal. The primary purpose of the small toe on your base would be to be sure that all of. 101 Foot Quotes. The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground. The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art. Better slip with foot than tongue. The whole object of travel is not to set foot on foreign land; it is at last to set foot on one's own country as a foreign land. He shifted his weight from foot to foot, but it. Feet Quotes, Facts and Sayings: Foot Inspiration. Looking for feet quotes, foot facts and sayings about our soles and toes? Footfiles's collection of facts, sayings and quotes about feet is the perfect place! 1 / 18 Broken Leg Hilarious Jokes,Quotes,One Liners,Pictures And Lot More To Laugh. Paddy has broken his leg and his buddy Mick comes over to see him. Mick walks in and asks, How you doin? Okay, but do me a favor mate, run upstairs and get me slippers, me feet are freezing. Mick goes upstairs and sees Paddy's gorgeous 19-year-old twin daughters.

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  1. Being at the beach is priceless. With ocean breezes, salty hair, and sandy toes, enjoy your fun in the sun with the perfect pun or quote for your next Instagram caption. Whether it's the middle of summer, or a a beach visit during a trip, there's bound to be a beach photo opportunity. Consider the [] Read more..
  2. Gilda Radner Roseanne Roseannadanna Quotes. Get ready for some funny quotes from Gilda Radner to get your day started. 1. Personally, I, Roseanne Rosannadanna, don't like to walk around with no clothes on in front of other people.-Gilda Radner. 2. But, Jane, even though you yell at me and you say that I make you sick all the time and.
  3. Enjoy the best of Tao Te Ching quotes on love and other topics. Quotes from the book by Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching.. 1 When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everyone will respect you. 2 Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage
  4. Over 100 FUNNY Jokes to Make You Laugh! Make Somebodys Day! Send Good Vibes. Everything you need over 50% OFF. Learn More. Share a giggle with these funny jokes! There are over 50 short jokes that are kid friendly! Plus over 100 more of the funniest jokes for holidays and even new jokes for dad to tell! We love funny jokes for kids

A pun is a joke that exploits the different possible meanings of a word or the fact that there are words which sound alike but have different meanings. I am sure you used puns even without realizing that it is a pun. Like these punchs, I mean, puns: I was wondering why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me E very American culture has little sayings that are unique to them. The South, from Georgia to Texas, is definitely no exception.Most common country phrases, like Wet Hen, slicker, and cattywampus. 19 Funny Bar Signs for Serving Porch Drinks with a Smile When life gives you lemons, grab tequila and salt! By displayed above your bar, on your porch, or in a man cave (or she-shed!), these rustic signs featuring hilarious quotes about booze are guaranteed to inspire plenty of chuckles. Cheers! Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. 1. 20 Clever and Risque Vanity License Plates. Beverly Jenkins is a humor and pop culture writer. She has published three web humor books and six calendars, including You Had One Job! and Photobombed. Vanity license plates are a popular way to make your car stand out from the crowd. However, just like all creative endeavors, personalized license.

beach vibes quotes beach instagram captions funny beach with friends quotes missing the beach captions for beach pics beach therapy quotes That's 140 Quotes about Beach I hope you've managed found this bumper list of beach quotes 2021 helpful and have been able to find the perfect beach quote you were looking for Sock Jokes and Puns. Enjoy these sock jokes and funny sock puns. They will make you laugh. Make sure to also look at our other thousands of other funny jokes categories. We have over 100 joke categories Oh, Con - this made me laugh a lot. The first thing my aunt said he she saw me new-borne was 'But what big feet he has! ' or words to that effect. My sister's third toe is longer than the rest - but I've heard since that it's called 'The Royal Toe', a sign of majesty. Apart from all of this lore - can't we love funny feet? and funny verse Zig Ziglar once said: People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily. In that spirit, I decided to cheer you up with some funny quotes that can motivate you and inspire you to make something great out of your life

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With their big floppy ears and playful personalities, elephants are some of the most lovable creatures on the planet. Seriously: If you've ever seen one in person, you know that all they want to do is play with their toys and take adorable baths Love is a funny thing. Finding that special someone to share the rest of your life with is one of the best gifts we could ever ask for, but life is long and sometimes you just need to laugh at. Fawlty Towers Quotes. [Basil's hypocritical rant after two upper-class guests leave]: Sir Richard Morris: I've never been in such a place in my life. [They drive away] Basil: You snobs. You stupid stuck-up, toffee-nosed, half-witted, upper-class piles of pus. [ Basil squabbling with the German guests after a bump on the head] the camel called. he wants his toe back. SAVE TO FOLDER. Best Double Meaning Jokes, Disses For Girls, Girl Insults. 0%. KAPPIT. double. camel tow. SAVE TO FOLDER

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Funny quotes about life sayings If you prefer joy for one hour, have a nap. in the event that you don't obey the principles above you can't. 1. I want individuals was included with a 30 2nd trailer. towards. thus I can easily see just what I'm getting myself. 2. I miss you prefer an idiot misses the point.. 3 Funny limericks are a variation of the popular five line rhyming poem, these limerick poems incorporate a funny story or funny rhymes to make you laugh. This list of funny limericks contains a large collection of these popular five line poems that everyone will find hilarious. And had a most terrible fall. That's why you don't jump off a wall Here are some inspirational and motivational yoga quotes to encourage your practice (or that of your students). Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn on the way down.. - Jigar Gor. Yoga is possible for anybody who really wants it. Yoga is universal.. - Sri Krishna Pattabhi Jois Life's a Beach Quotes. We dream in colors borrowed from the sea.. - Unknown. The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul.. - Robert Wyland. I'm pretty sure my birthstone is a sea shell.. - Unknown. Life takes you down many paths but my favorite ones lead to the beach. 28 Quotes For Beach Weddings To Shellebrate The Happy Couple. By Rachel Chapman. May 30, 2019. frolova_elena/Fotolia. You'll be too busy feeling the sand in your toes, and drinking a fruity.

A collection of dance quotes to inspire and encourage you. Find inspirational and famous quotes about dancing. Plus some funny ones to bring a smile to your face. Dancing is a wonderful way to let go and just be you. If you just flow. Also, I don't like no one touching my stuff. So just keep your meathooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I'll kill you. And I don't like nobody touching me. Any of you homos touch me, and I'll kill you. Sergeant Hulka: Lighten up, Francis. Russell Ziskey: I've always been kind of a pacifist 7 Some Beach, Blake Shelton. Anyone who has watched The Voice knows that Shelton has a sense of humor. This playful 2004 song is one big play on words. 8 All My Exes, George Strait. This late-1980s song about a man's many breakups shows George Strait's funny side So, here are the 10 Best Cosmo Kramer Quotes. 10 It was like l was swimming through a flabby-armed spanking machine. After Larry David left the show following its seventh season, a lot of fans noted that Jerry Seinfeld, now the only one steering the ship, made the show a whole lot weirder and more absurd Military slang is practically a second language. Learn more with our list of military sayings and what they mean in the context of the military

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James Devaney/Getty. Hindsight has not been kind to all the Sex And The City ladies (cough, Carrie, cough) and the last woman standing just happens to have a doctorate in giving absolutely zero fucks. Samantha Jones, the PR powerhouse played so brilliantly by Kim Cattrall was the feminist pop culture icon the late 90s so badly needed.The rat race to settle down, get married, and have kids Check out this large collection of funny birthday wishes and sayings and make your choice. The Funniest Birthday Cards. The Most Hilarious Birthday Messages. Happy birthday to a man who is really younger than he looks. Have fun as much as you can, but not too much, because you are at a vulnerable age A few common horse quotations are self-evident. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink of course means, you can't make anyone do something they really don't want to do. Some horse quotations are not so easy to decipher. Here are ten common horse quotations and what they may mean. 01 of 10 Pig Sayings and Quotes. A clean pig makes lean bacon. Serbian Proverb. A pig may whistle, though it has a bad mouth for it. English Proverb. A pig used to dirt turns its nose up at rice. Japanese Proverb. A pig's tail will never make a good arrow. Spanish Proverb

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What seems funny to some may seem significant to others. With this nice note let us begin this amusing article on funny tattoos. Creativity knows no norms and tattoo art follows this principle completely. Free-spirited tattoo enthusiasts love doing different things, so they think of concepts other than the popular stuff Check out these Joker quotes on humanity that will tickle your brain and make you see why some people go down a dark path in life. 1. The only sensible way to live in this world is without rules.. ― The Joker. 2. Smile, because it confuses people. Smile, because it's easier than explaining what is killing you inside. Community member. The things kids say can sometimes be the craziest, so this clever dad, Martin Bruckner, decided to turn the funny sayings of his 3-year-old daughter, Harper Grace, into cute drawings. Originally, he started the project as a Mother's Day gift to his wife, however, it now turned into a popular Tumblr blog Spaghetti Toes. 15% Off with code ZAZPARTYPLAN. . Golf t-shirt with funny quote That's how i roll. $25.85. 15% Off with code ZAZPARTYPLAN. . Any Quote I Love My Husband Funny Coffee Saying T-Shirt. $27.50. 15% Off with code ZAZPARTYPLAN

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9. It's colder than Jack Frost's toes after he skates on an icy pond. 10. It's colder than a brass toilet seat on the shady side of an iceberg. 11. It's colder than a penguin's pecker. 12. It's so cold the dogs are sticking to the fire hydrants. 13. It's colder than a polar bear's butt. 14. It's colder than a witch's belt buckle. 15 Hello Junkies, This is for people who are interested in Russian. If you started to learn Russian, you probably want to know some funny Russian phrases and sayings. Actually, you will not be able to understand the what they mean Continue reading Top 10 Funny Russian Phrases & Sayings You Should Know Funny Baby Quotes. When you're not busy admiring every beautiful thing your baby does, you're laughing at the humorous side of parenting and all the funny things babies do. These funny baby quotes make for an excellent addition to funny cards or a custom gift for the parents Harlem Nights quotes: the most famous and inspiring quotes from Harlem Nights. The best movie quotes, movie lines and film phrases by Movie Quotes .com . Follow us on. You're gonna be the nine-toes-havingest-limpingest bitch in Harlem if you don't stop fucking with me. Now put the razor away