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JOEJOY Washable Pee Pads for Dogs, Puppy Pads Pet Potty Training 65x48/72x72, Anti Slip Cat Pee Pad Mat Heavy Absorbent Extra Large for Playpen Crate Kennel Whelping Box. 4.6 out of 5 stars. 89. $44.99. $44 Whelping Box Set. 7.5'L x 4'W x 2'H. (3-tier height-adjustable front door, leak-proof bottom-pans, puppy rails in front box & middle wall with puppy door for access to back box ) $920 CAD/$690 USD. Heavy Goods Shipping $125. CKC Member Pricing - $828 EZwhelp offers affordable whelping box designs and sizes to meet the needs of every breeder. From our extra small plastic box to our extra large steel box you will find a box that matches your specific application. All boxes are designed for indoor use only. For a comparison of features, check the table below

Whelping Box. 5 ft. x 5 ft. Whelping Box. $294.99. Whether you have a small, mid-sized, or large breed of dog, we have a whelping box for your loving pet. Here you can find different sized whelping boxes for sale having dimension range from 3ft x 3ft to 5ft x 5ft. From simple whelping boxes to the deluxe whelping box containing an extra area. Whelping Box for Puppies, Dog Birthing Box,Welping Box 48 x 48 1200mm x 1200mm. $80.77 to $142.02. $124.04 shipping. 275 sold

Dura-Whelp® the Original Professional whelping-box is the worlds cleanest, easiest & safest since 1994. Durable, strong, light weight & portable, these whelping boxes offer easy setup, easy cleanup, simple patented design, easy one pice movement & easy storage for years of use. Free puppy/pig rails included with every whelping box The amazing MagnaBox Whelping Box makes the perfect solution for professional dog breeders and careful occasional breeders. its textured surface, gray-colored, offers a pitiless resistance to damage and dirt and to top it up, it is chew-proof.. Created by Lakeside, the MagnaBox Whelping Box in large is made from FDA-approved HDPE plastic.This makes it easy to clean while still giving a wood. Whelping Box Size, by Breed We suggest that you measure the rectangular space occupied by your bitch when she is lying down, fully stretched out. Then add a few inches to each side for comfort. Remember to add an additional 4 inches on each side if you will be using rails. Then compare that area to the inside dimensions of our boxes:. Size Recommendation for Breeds - For all your whelping & breeding needs. Box Dimensions: Small 34″ x 34″ x 15″. Medium 40″ x 40″ x 20″. Large 48″ x 48″ x 20″. Extra-Large 60″ x 48″ x 23″. Puppy rail height from floor: Small 2-1/2 inches. Medium 4 inches

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  1. This item: Plaza MagnaBox Whelping Box, X-Large. $959.94. Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Dog Trainers Supply. EZwhelp Machine Washable, Reusable Pee Pad/Quilted, Fast Absorbing Dog Whelping Pad/Waterproof Puppy Training Pad/Housebreaking Absorption Pads. $49.99
  2. Large Bed or Whelping Box Bed, Fish on Turquoise with Turquoise Back, 36 X 36. CastledogDesigns. 5 out of 5 stars. (44) $42.00 FREE shipping. Add to Favorites. LARGE Dog Whelping Deluxe Sherpa Fleece Pool Cover Dog Breeder Puppy Supplies 48 Base Diameter FREE SHIPPING
  3. Best Whelping Box. 1. Lakeside Whelping boxes for dogs. An easy to clean whelping box with three adjustable sides is surely heaven for your dogs. It is a large and well-built box that is suitable for every breed. Lakeside Whelping box is foldable and easy to carry box with a simple assembling method
  4. Large Whelping Box Pictured. Click here for Ordering Information. Each Jonart Professional Whelping Box is made to order Please call to verify a shipping date *Prices do NOT include Shipping & Handling costs* Click HERE to view Shipping & Handling costs Please call, mail, or fax your order
  5. The apt size of the whelping box for the large dog is 3 to 4 feet long and 4 to 5 feet deep. Along the sides, if you prefer to add rails then you have to include additional space of few inches. What all materials are required to build a whelping box? Thick plywood board of 1/2 size; Smooth grade sheet of 4/8' Two 2/4' lumber piece
  6. A whelping box is where a dam will give birth; it is a small area, safe for her puppies. You can buy a range of whelping boxes; cardboard, plastic or wood. They are generally around 4ft x 4ft in size with a height around 2 feet - high enough to prevent escapee puppies

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Total price: $367.00 $467.00 local_offer Save $100.00. library_add_check Add selected items. This item: Whelping Box For Large Medium & Small Dogs. Whelping Box For Large Medium & Small Dogs. $249.00 $349.00. Whelping Collars. Whelping Collars. $49.00 Whelping Box Large 47 x 47 W /PVC Railing + LINER /Dog Puppy Pen / Sale price GinnysNaturals 3.5 out of 5 stars (3) $ 239.00 FREE shipping Add to Favorites Quick view Whelping Box, Weaning Box, EXTRA LARGE, Dog/Puppy Pen, QuickWhelp QuickWhelp 5 out of 5 stars (108) $ 695.

This is a do it yourself instructional video for people wanting to make an affordable whelping box for their pregnant dogs. It's fun and easy to make. Foll.. Blueprints for whelping boxes are fairly standard with most designs based on a 4 - 5 ft. base, with walls 12 inches high or more (higher to 2-1/2 feet if you plan to use the box until the pups start climbing - happens at 6 to 7 weeks old). Railings on the inside of the box are added to protect the pups from a restless mom As the puppies grow, the whelping box will become more and more crowded. The puppies will get more inquisitive and they will want to explore the areas outside of the small whelping box. After 3 to 4 weeks, the dogs should be healthy and big enough to move to a kennel. After 3 to 4 weeks, the whelping box will also develop an odor Ken Wingard is making a whelping puppy box, which is meant to protect puppies during birth and create a safe space for them. He explains the whelping box, it..

Easy to assemble, easy to clean, super long lasting, never buy another whelping box again we have the perfect solution to your whelping needs. Dimensions: 148cmx148cmx48cm Footprint doubled when playpen attached. *playpens are included with every whelping box Apr 8, 2020 - Explore Rosann Joubert Muller's board Dog Whelping Box Plans, followed by 214 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about whelping box, dog whelping box, dog kennel Jan 13, 2017 - So if you are looking for whelping box ideas for your dog, you are at the right place ultimately. The most interesting thing is that whelping box is easier to create for small dogs than the large dogs. If your dog is small or large no matter you can easily think of making out a whelping box for your dog to provide a private place for them These PVC Whelping Boxes have been designed to allow dogs to have a safe & comfortable enviorment during after birth.The whelping boxes include a crush rail around the box side to prevent mothers rolling on pups. The height of this rail can be adjusted & completely removed once pups are older. The PVC is easy to hose down & wipe clean. It is light weight & simple to set up The whelping box is a 5x5 - 20 inches tall with a few modifications and made with 3/4 inch treated plywood. And was built for a Great Dane. I found your site and loved the plans for the whelping box. I didn't need one quite so large, as we breed medium size American Staffordshire Terriers. I took the plans and made them fit a 4' x 4' box.

A whelping box takes the place of a secure den for your dog to give birth to and protect her puppies. The box needs to be large enough for your female dog to move around in, yet small enough that she can keep her pups within reach. The opening of the box should include a step that your dog can step over easily to get out, yet high enough that. Great Dane whelping Box. 1. AmazonBasics whelping box For Great Dane. AmazonBasics is a trusted brand when it comes to topnotch quality and durability of the products. The brand offers crate for dogs of all sizes and breeds. This particular whelping box is recommended for extra-large breeds such as Great Danes, Labradors, German Shepherds, etc

The Dura-Whelp whelping box sides and floor are made out 100% polypropylene corrugated plastic. Getting the right size of box is very important for the safety of your pups! The rails are set at different heights depending on the size of box. Before purchasing, please check our guide to determine the proper size for your breed of dog: Size. MagnaBox whelping box can be used without the puppy rails however the puppy rails cannot be removed without disassembling the whelping box. Once assembled, the MagnaBox whelping box can be lifted as an assembly and moved for cleaning or relocation. Large - 48 x 48 x 20 tall (inside dimensions 45 1/4 x 45 3/4) X-Large - 54 x 54 x. The Jonart Professional Whelping Box has been the Cadillac of whelping boxes for over 20 years. We are so confident in the Quality and Durability of the JONART Whelping Box, we offer a 2 year guarantee. Built to last. This is a HIGH QUALITY unbelievably durable box for the serious breeder. It won't bend, shake, lift or breakdown and is.

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Whelping Box Large. Sale. Regular price. £695.00. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. Our Whelping Box systems are manufactured from a stainless steel frame with a 9mm polypropylene base and 6mm polypropylene sides and rear panels, leaving the front panel fitted with polycarbonate to allow visibility of your puppies during whelping Our whelping boxes are now used in all 50 states and 14 countries. Even the US GOVERNMENT and NETWORK TV SHOWS choose our Whelping Box! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. We want you to be completely happy with your shopping experience from order to delivery. If you have questions about our Whelping boxes give us a call! 816-809-9545 Whelping Box For Large Medium & Small Dogs. $249.00 $349.00. local_offer Save $100.00. Unit price / per. Default Title - $249.00 USD. shopping_cart Add to Cart. Guaranteed safe & secure checkout

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1 Standard Whelping Box and 1 Mini Whelping Box join via their Front using our Joining Mechanism (included). - All the functionality of a Standard Combo, but for smaller breeds. Unlike most whelping boxes on the market, Whelpmate™ is made from waterproof, industrial strength ABS plastic and has NO CORNERS - which can trap harmful bacteria I bought Jonart's Large Whelping Box 48″L x 48″W x 24″H and added a custom weaning pen with rails that is 60″L x 48″W x 24″H. It fits nicely in my puppy room. It was a large investment, but it is nice statement piece. I raise my puppies indoors. They are my pride and I invest a lot in them. So they get the best right from the start Your pregnant girl will need a whelping box in which to have the pups. A large whelping box can also serve as the puppies' playpen and home until they are old enough to go to their new homes. If you choose to go this way, make sure it is of a material sturdy enough to handle the wear and tear for at least 12 weeks after the pups are born A puppy whelping box keeps the litter safe and warm by their mother, creating that special bond. With enough space to move around, the box prevents the pups from being squashed by their mother. Our range is specially designed for ultimate safety, including a whelping boxes for large breeds of dogs A large-sized dog should need a whelping box that is 42 to 49 inches long and 42 to 49 inches wide. Extra-large or giant breeds should need a whelping box that is 50 to 59 inches long and 50 to 59 inches wide. The height of the whelping box will depend on the size of your dog

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Whelping Box Dimensions - ideally the box should be at least a foot longer than the bitch is long when measured from nose to rear. For most Gordon Setter bitches that would be about 5 feet long (60″) on at least one side. The box can be built 5 foot square or if you wish or you could build the box rectangular instead at 4 feet (48″) wide Best of all whelping puppies is a snap in a portable plastic Bulldog Whelping Box. Above all else the plastic modular Large Breed Whelping Boxes are available in white. In addition the dog crate and Great Dane Whelping Box is lightweight and durable. For instance the Dalmatian Whelping Box will eliminate newborns from escaping Our Whelping Boxes are made from uPVC plastic, flat-pack for storage and transport, and take less than 10 minutes to put together. Whelping Boxes, sometimes called nesting boxes or whelping pens, are important to most whelps. They are usually modular in design, and allow for extension pens, as puppies grow and become mobile The Roverpet Puppy Dog Whelping Boxes and Poodle Whelping Box are safe for your canines. For instance the modular cages and puppy crates units come recommended by veterinarians. Most importantly the small plastic pooch kennels and dog crates have a 3/4″ spacing between vertical bars. Therefore our sturdy small canine birthing dog whelping box and puppy playpen is portable and modular

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The single biggest reason for loosing puppies is a poorly designed whelping box. And all the commercial products fail in one or more ways. My intention is to fix that. I have been building and experimenting with Whelping boxes for some time. My goal is to manufacture a box that can be shipped easily Large Whelping Box. 5 out of 5 based on 1 customer rating. ( 1 customer review) Thermal Energy Rating R-1.3. The size of the Large Whelping Box is: Externally 1200 (w) x 1200 (l) x 525mm (h) Internally 1100 (w) x 1100 (l) x 450mm (h) Colours Available are: Pale Eucalypt Lakeside Products Dog or Cat Whelping Box (Birthing Box, Whelping Kennel, Whelping Crate and Weaning Pen) The next generation professional whelping box! Great for use at home, by veterinarians or by animal shelters. This box works for animals of any size, from cats and small breed dogs all the way up to large or even giant dogs For medium-size dog breeds, considered a whelping box that is about 28 to 34 inches long by 28 to 34 inches deep. Large dog breeds need whelping boxes that measure about 42 to 45 inches long by 34 to 40 inches deep. Extra-Large breeds need boxes at least 48 to 58 inches long by 40 to 48 inches deep

Whelping Box Tips. As soon as you know your dog is pregnant, start thinking about whelping boxes because you don't have a lot of time to prepare for the birth day. The gestation period for dogs is approximately 63 days or less and you'll want to have your pet become familiar with the box and its location at least 2 weeks prior to the birth event Lumber Required for a 60 (five foot) Square Whelping Box: Quantity: Description: 2: 4' x 8' sheets of 5/8 plywood for sides and seats. This design will work with low grade construction plywood, but you can avoid a lot of splintering, wood filler, and sanding by going with a higher grade

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Whelping Box Store 141 followers judgewhelpner ( 1293 judgewhelpner's feedback score is 1293 ) 100.0% judgewhelpner has 100% Positive Feedback We offer great deals on REAL WOOD whelping boxes! MagnaBox Whelping Box is made of FDA-approved HDPE plastic, making it the perfect solution to keep moms and babies contained. The gray, lightly-textured surface resists dirt and damage plus there are no cracks or crevices to harbor bacteria or contamination. With slip-fit connections, the box needs no tools to assemble and is easily cleaned

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MagnaBox Whelping Box. The next generation Professional Whelping Box. $290.00 - $850.00. MagnaPen - Whelping Box Extension Pen. MagnaPen - Whelping Box Extension Pen. $255.00 - $790.00. MagnaBox Whelping Box - Custom Size. Call or e-mail for custom sizes or configurations. Call/Email For Pricing Dog Whelping Box Sizes. If you have a small dog, consider a whelping box that is about 21 to 34 inches long and about 21 to 34 inches deep. For medium-size dog breeds, considered a whelping box that is about 28 to 34 inches long by 28 to 34 inches deep. Large dog breeds need whelping boxes that measure about 42 to 45 inches long by 34 to 40. After scouring the internet and talking to other Breeders, I came to the conclusion that I needed to design my own whelping box; one that was large, had easy access for the bitch and pups, sturdy, easy to clean and does not look like something thrown together plus generate safety issues

Large 120cm X 120cm 70cm high. Extra large 180cm X 120cm X 100cm high. The additional runs are the equivalent dimensions as the whelping boxes for example a medium whelping box is 120cm X 92cm 70cm high, the medium run is also 120cm X 92cm 70cm high, please bare this in mind when ordering as the area of a whelping box and run becomes double the. Reusable Plastic Whelping Box (Web Exclusive) Size options available. £104.50 - £158.00. More detail. Web Exclusive. Quick view We have a large breed whelping box for sale. The measurements are 61 X 50 X 13.5. We had it custom made by a high end Cleveland cabinet maker, but never used it. It has some sort of a laminate covering for easy cleaning. It needs a good cleaning as it was stored in our barn in the hay loft for over ten years. It is very heavy and well built A whelping box, also known as a nesting or birthing box, is a very achievable do-it-yourself project even if you only have basic carpentry skills. In other words it's pretty easy - especially if you map it out using the guidelines in this article

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Used, Washable Puppy Pad, Extra Large 182 * 182 CM. Garage clear out dog whelping box comes in 2 boxes used once. this upvc whelping box comes complete with 2 part top and extension box and is ideally suited for the smaller breeds. This is an auction for a Washable Puppy Pad, Extra of very high quality. It was originally purchased for 85. Whelping Box for Puppies, Dog Birthing Box,Welping Box 48 x 48 1200mm x 1200mm. £57.99 to £101.97. 275 sold

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On top of the plethora of things to do, you need a contained, safe, and warm whelping box for your bitch, which will protect the puppies during birth and their early life. Whether you are in a one-off litter or an experienced dog breeder, the whelping box and the whelping kit are a must-have DuraWhelp Whelping Box Extra Large 60x48x23 With Floor and Rails. C $468.88. Buy It Now. +C $23.93 shipping. 16d 2h left (9/8, 12:24) From United States. Customs services and international tracking provided A great dog whelping box is designed for the sole purpose of protecting the litter from the cold or dangerous obstacles if they were able to roam free.On the mothers side, most whelping boxes come with a rail to prevent the puppies being crushed by the mother at night. Dogs use a whelping box look after a litter of puppies Large Dog whelping box w pig rails & door Kingston 10/06/2021 *Dog and puppies Not For Sale* 6 feet long 4 feet wide 2 feet high Pig rails currently not attached but included Used for my litter of puppies do not need anymore $500 OBO Favourite. $150.00. A whelping box gives your momma dog and new puppies a safe haven for the first few weeks of the pups' lives. The box is essential to keep the puppies warm and contained and to give momma a safe place to rest and nurse. Proper construction is key to ensuring your whelping box is safe, warm, comfortable and that momma will actually use it

Heavy Duty Dog Puppy Cage Pet Playpen Whelping Box Metal Run Enclosure with Plastic Floor Dog cage - puppy whelping pen - playpen - run - enclosure - crate - heavy duty dog cage - puppy whelping pen - playpen - run - enclosure - crate - heavy duty A safe and practical solution for a variety of pets. Strong and secure with a plastic floor 2. Line the whelping box. Your whelping box needs to be soft and cozy inside for your new puppies and your large breed dog. Place a large plastic bag in the bottom of the box. Place layers of newspaper and/or a few cozy blankets or sheets over the bag. Never add wood shavings, sand, or other particulate to the whelping box So if you are looking for whelping box ideas for your dog, you are at the right place ultimately. The most interesting thing is that whelping box is easier to create for small dogs than the large dogs. If your dog is small or large no matter you can easily think of making out a whelping box for your dog to provide a private place for them

Large whelping box with door , a few small chew marks , cushioned with two layers of thick foam & a top surface that can be mopped out , comes with solid door , FREE to collector £0. Ad posted 5 days ago Save this ad 2 images; Whelping Pen / Crate / Box. Large Bespoke, Suitable For Dogs, Cats, Rabbits etc. The whelping box length is the distance between the front whelping box panel and the back whelping box panel. For example, a 1m Long Whelping Box would give you a 1m internal size between the front and back panels. Below are the overall sizes of the playpens and whelping boxes together

large whelping box. In good used condition I recently built this for our litter of puppies. It's glued and nailed so very strong. Has a door for mum to get in and out easily. Size approximately 125cm x 90cm. No reserve as just want out the way now XL Large Whelping Box Dimensions. 1400mm Wide x 1200mm Deep x 680mm High. Construction. 9mm Polypropylene Base Tray. Stainless Steel Box Section Front & Rear Frame. 9mm Polypropylene Sides. 6mm Poly-carbonate Clear Front. Please Note: All our whelping systems are made to order, average turn around on orders is 10 working days from date of order Build a large whelping box for your expecting dog. Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Step 1: Ideas. I build this box for my female German Shepherd so its good for big dogs. I don't have pictures of is construction ,but I thought this might give you some ideas. It's 4'W by 4-1/2' L ft The whelping box's sides are high enough to trap heat in for the pups and mess from delivery contained. large roundworms (Parascaris equorum), and pinworms. We deworm our pups with 1cc strongid per 10lbs. I buy 1cc syringes (TB syringes are the best) and remove the needle to administer the liquid The size of the whelping box is dependent on the size of the dog giving birth. The mother should have enough space to lie down on her side and comfortably stretch out to nurse. A box that is too large may allow the pups to crawl away from the group and get cold, or be unable to get back to their dam

Easy-carry cornhole games. Whelping box. Includes pvc pig rail. Regulation & travel-size games. 2 sizes of cornhole available. 3 sizes of whelping boxes. Small, medium or large. Whelping box with mom & pups. Keep new pups safe Innovations in Whelping Boxes. One of my first memories about breeding dogs is that of my father building a whelping box for our Afghan Hound, Twiggy. I can remember Dad getting two boards 8 feet. Ideal Whelping Box. Warm and dry. Easy to clean. Waterproof. One and a half to two times the length of the dam, so she can stretch out in full length with room to spare. Allows dam to get away from her puppies yet prevents puppies from escaping. Has a railing or ledge — sometimes called a pigrail, bumper or puppy rail — 3 to 4 inches from. Large Box. Our largest whelping box perfect for German Shepherds, Labradors, Greyhounds and Golden Retrievers. Buy or hire a box now. Call Sally-Ann on 0418 688197 or fill out the online enquiry form and we'll get back to you with a recommended pickup date and box size. Reserve your whelping box early to ensure availabilit

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Deluxe Whelping Box 16.5″ High ( choose size) £ 179.00 - £ 395.00 Select options; Warwick Pet Heat Pad Large 80 x 50cm £ 59.50 Add to basket; Warwick Pet Heat Pad Medium 55cm x 45cm £ 48.50 Add to basket; Vet Bedding Fleece White Green Backed £ 13.99 - £ 31.99 Select options; Deluxe Whelping Box 12.5″ High (choose size from drop. When their eyes open at two weeks we add a potty/play box to the whelping box, lined with paper. This is the first stage of their house breaking. Within hours the smartest puppies of the litter, barely able to crawl, will crawl out to use the paper and then crawl back into the whelping box Puppies can often leave the whelping box at 3 weeks old. At this age, puppies can move out of the whelping box as they become more mobile. Puppies can stand up and even climb out of the whelping box nest. At this age, puppies start to explore outside of their nest, to find out more about the wide and exciting world around them

As a general rule, the goal with whelping puppies, especially large litters, is to finish in under 12 hours, and calcium plays an important role. How to Help a Dog During Active Labor The second stage of labor is when strong contractions begin and the puppies are born - this is called the active labor stage There is no need to buy anything expensive, as a large cardboard box is suitable as a birthing box. A good size is 15 inches by 24 inches, bigger if you have a large-breed cat. Cut a piece out of the middle of one side that is large enough for the cat to get through -- about 5 inches wide. Leave the bottom 4 or 5 inches of the box intact so. Whelping Boxes and Puppy Pens made of Garden Boxes. Tour through the house The virtual tour of my home and dogs produced an overwhelming number of inquiries about how we created the facilities and the materials we used. This is a summary of how we designed and set up a system to raise healthy, crate-free Biewer Terriers The whelping box is large enough that the dam can stretch out while delivering the pups and has a divider approximately 1/3 of the way across for later when the pups are bigger. Heat lamps are clipped to the sides to keep the box at 85 degrees the first few weeks

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Whelping Essentials; Whelping Boxes The Whelping Box is available in 5 sizes, ranging from Toy to Giant. The material used is a uPVC which is strong, lightweight , water resistant, and has low thermal conductivity. This helps to make our boxes sturdy, hygienic and insulating Whelping boxes are required for the safe birthing and raising of pups. Regardless of the breed, you will want a strong, sturdy, clean and draft-free box. Kumfi Kennels' whelping boxes are constructed out of Insulated Panels that have an anti-bacterial coating The Dura-Whelp® whelping-box is made of top quality, extruded, 100% polypropylene plastic. The puppy rails are made out of vinyl with a wooden core and they cost about $150-$300 depending on the size. While the Durawhelp boxes are nice I personally think the Magnabox whelping boxes are the best pre-made wehlping boxes currently on the marke

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Large Whelping box. $225.00. 1.6m x 1.2m (external) 148cm x 108cm (internal) size x 40cm high. Made from 18mm thick certified construction plywood with A Bond glue (same glue as marine ply) Strong, durable and can be washed in hot water. Easy one minute assembly with out any tools needed Rear side - 24 ½ by 49″. Divider - 22″ by 47 ¼. Window openings - 16″ by 22″. Boards for front opening - 47 ¼ long. (We used 1″ by 4″, 1″ by 6″, and 1″ by 12″ boards cut to 47 ¼ long and stacked them as needed to establish the desired height to prevent the mother from leaving the whelping box ANIMAL HOUSE WHELPING BOX with Anti-Crush Rail and Door - LARGE & X-LARGE. $24000. LARGE - 120cm x 120cxm x 46cm (H) - Currently Unavailable X-LARGE - 150cm x 150cm x 46cm (H) - $240.00 AUD. PLEASE CALL (03) 5940 5576 TO ORDER

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Raised Pet Beds. Reusable Plastic - Whelping Box. Reusable Whelping Box Set. Toy Corner. Ultrasound Scanners & Puppy Aspirators. Voucher. Whelping Kits. Select a category Agility Training (8) Bargain Basement (12) Bitch & Puppy Supplements (27) Cat Litter Products (3) Cats Protection (0) Cattery & Kennel Customers (11) Crates, Feeders and Pens. Whelping Crate / Pen / Box, Suitable for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & Many Other Species. Large Bespoke Whelping Pen / Crate / Box. Dimensions: 240cm Long x 81cm Wide x 93cm High Would Suit Animal Owner / Breeder We used it for Dogs but can be used for many other animals. Separate nursing area with raised lip so mother can Guide # 1: Dog Breed Size. First consideration when buying a whelping box is of course knowing how big is your dog. Although we know that we are all dealing with puppies here, you need to consider that the mother needs to have some room when laying with her pups and nursing You can also buy a whelping box from a pet store, but they can cost around $250. To care for a large litter of puppies, check the puppies every few hours after birth to make sure they are warm, well-fed, and not crying, which can be a sign that something's wrong. If any of the puppies are pushed out of the litter, pick it up and put if.

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Relative humidity in the whelping area - that is the percentage of water in the air - should not fall below 55% (65% is ideal). It is a good idea to place a hygrometer, an instrument to measure humidity, close to the whelping box. As the whelping box is warm, the air will dry out faster Custom dog kennels for sale are another Horizon Structures specialty. We know that every dog owner has unique needs and we cater to making a prefab commercial dog kennel that will work for you. In keeping with today's do-it-yourself trends, we also offer supplies for the dog owner who wants to build, or refurbish, his own kennel A whelping box is necessary for all puppy deliveries. It's essentially a pen where the mom can go and feel comfortable before, during, and after whelping. You can buy pre-made whelping boxes, but if you haven't planned ahead, you can use a sturdy cardboard box with the front cut down so the mother can go in and out easily DuraWhelp Whelping Box Extra Large 60x48x23 With Floor and Rails. C $474.85. Buy It Now. +C $24.23 shipping. 13d 16h left (9/7, 12:24) From United States. Customs services and international tracking provided Whelping and Raising Puppies Large-Breed Dogs Aquamarine (Daisy) the female Mastiff puppy at 7 weeks with her mother Sassy, photo courtesy of MistyTrails Mastiffs Although this section is based on a whelping of an English Mastiff , it also contains good general whelping information on large-breed dogs A large cardboard packing case with an open top and an opening cut out of the side is ideal for smaller dogs. Be sure to ask your veterinary healthcare team for more advice on making a whelping box for your pet. 3. Line the bottom of the whelping box with plenty of newspaper. There will be a large amount of fluid at the time of whelping