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  1. The correct meaning of Radiate in Hindi is चमकना. It is written as Vikretā in Roman. Radiate is a verb (used without object), radiated, radiating according to parts of speech. It is spelled as [verb rey-dee-eyt; adjective rey-dee-it, -eyt]
  2. - The act of radiating, or the state of being radiated; emission and diffusion of rays of light; beamy brightness. - The shooting forth of anything from a point or surface, like the diverging rays of light; as, the radiation of heat
  3. radiating surface definition in English dictionary, radiating surface meaning, synonyms, see also 'radiation',radian',radiant',radiational'. Enrich your vocabulary with the English Definition dictionar
  4. Ex 13.2, 8 In a hot water heating system, there is a cylindrical pipe of length 28 m and diameter 5 cm. Find the total radiating surface in the system. [ = 22/7] The cylindrical pipe radiates from the curved surface & not from the ends So, we need to find curved surface area of cylinder Height (h) of cylindrical pipe = 28 m Radius (r) of.
  5. Total Radiating Surface refers to that surface from which energy is radiating out where as total radiating energy is the total energy radiated per unit surface area. -15 View Full Answe
  6. g the under surface of a mushroom. n. The fleshy flap that hangs below the beak of a fowl; a wattle. The correct meaning of Gill in Hindi is अक्लोम. It is written as Vikretā in Roman. Gill is a noun according to parts of speech. It is spelled as [gil]

spokes - Meaning in Hindi, what is meaning of spokes in Hindi dictionary, pronunciation, synonyms and definitions of spokes in Hindi and English. A spoke is one of some number of rods radiating from the center of a wheel, connecting the hub with the round traction surface. Also see Spoke on Wikipedia. SHABDKOSH Apps radiating definition: 1. present participle of radiate 2. to produce heat and/or light, or (of heat or light) to be. Learn more

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Radiate definition, to extend, spread, or move like rays or radii from a center. See more Definitions and Meaning of gilling in English gill noun. respiratory organ of aquatic animals that breathe oxygen dissolved in water Synonyms: branchia; any of the radiating leaflike spore-producing structures on the underside of the cap of a mushroom or similar fungu sulcus meaning in Hindi with examples: खाँचा परिखा click for more detailed meaning of sulcus in Hindi with examples, definition, pronunciation and example sentences Luminance definition: a state or quality of radiating or reflecting light | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example The color of a radiating black-body tells the temperature of its radiating surface. It is responsible for the color of stars , which vary from infrared through red (2,500K), to yellow (5,800K), to white and to blue-white (15,000K) as the peak radiance passes through those points in the visible spectrum

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The covering acts as a screen, which prevents the heat from radiating to the dew point. It was in the form of an orchid, with a tiny diamond like a drop of dew on one petal. Then, sprinkling dew from the bluebells into their eyes, she vanished into the sunlit air The radar emits a short pulse of energy, and if the pulse strike an object (raindrop, snowflake, bug, bird, etc), the radar waves are scattered in all directions. A small portion of that scattered. A radiating snake dancing in the sky Increased UV-B radiation will destroy the tiny krill and other plankton that live near the ocean's surface, Hindi lamang ito naglalabas ng maraming radyasyon, kundi nagbibigay rin ito ng di-karaniwang uri ng radyasyon. jw2019 Radiance definition is - the quality or state of being radiant. How to use radiance in a sentence Radiation meaning in Urdu is تنویر and Radiation word meaning in roman can write as Tanveer . There are several meanings of the Radiation word and it can be used in different situations with a combination of other words as well. Radiation meaning is also available in other languages as well as you can also check the spelling of word Radiation

• Radiator Definition & Meaning in English (n.) Any of various devices for cooling an internal substance by radiation, as a system og rings on a gun barrel for cooling it, or a nest of tubes with large radiating surface for cooling circulating water, as in an automobile 'A few nifty lighting tricks later, and we're riding the rails with a host of yin-yang character pairs: the suited businessman and his wayward brother, the heartbroken sot and her vivacious new friend, and so on. I suspect that this is a homework question. So being a qualified Physics teacher I am going to give you a big favour by not giving you all the answer. Think of a wave as a single point going up and down. Now think of your floor with thousands of p.. Find 43 ways to say RADIATING, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus Pavement definition is - a paved surface: such as. How to use pavement in a sentence

noun. 1 The central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate. 'Remove your wheels, and wipe them down, since the dirt gets lodged in the little nooks and crannies of the wheel hubs and spokes.'. 'Instead, a few species are like hubs, with spokes radiating out to the other species.' MEANING 'Bas-relief' is a French word which means 'low-relief'. Carvings or sculpted figures that project slightly from a background surface applied as an architectural decorative ornament. CONTEXT. Appears as ornamentation on building facades or interior walls, in stone, plaster, or colourcrete

The radiator is placed on top of the support in a manner such that the radiating surface is horizontal and the radiation is downwards. French Je n'avais jamais vu le Canada plus fier, la Colombie-Britannique plus rayonnante et Vancouver plus énergique que pendant les deux dernières semaines de février Heat illness or more correctly heat-related illness is a broad term to describe any disturbance that arises in the body as a result of heat. It is commonly known as excessive body heat or hyperthermia. As the temperature rises there are various symptoms that will be seen as a result of the heat. There are many different forms of heat illness. A hypoechoic mass is an area on an ultrasound that is more solid than usual tissue. It can indicate the presence of a tumor, but many times these masses are benign (noncancerous). Because early. AISLE meaning in hindi, AISLE pictures, AISLE pronunciation, AISLE translation,AISLE definition are included in the result of AISLE meaning in hindi at kitkatwords.com, a free online English hindi The tragus is a favorite place to get an ear piercing, and while it can look great, this type of piercing can easily become infected if it is not cared for properly

Tailbone pain (coccydynia) is a common condition, with pain ranging from a mild ache to severe discomfort. At-home remedies and behavior changes are effective, and recovery may only take a few weeks up to a few months You have searched the English word air meaning in Spanish aire. air meaning has been search 4625 (four thousand six hundred and twenty-five) times till 7/6/2021. You can also find air meaning and Translation in Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, French and other languages

Meaning of Gill. What does Gill mean? any of the radiating leaflike spore-producing structures on the underside of the cap of a mushroom or similar fungus. gill-shaped plates forming the under surface of a mushroom. Etymology: [OF. gille, gelle, a sort of measure for wine, LL. gillo, gello.,. English to Malayalam Dictionary - Meaning of Asymptotic in Malayalam is : അസിംപ്റ്റോടിക്ക് what is meaning of Asymptotic in Hindi languag Osteonecrosis occurs when a bone's blood supply is compromised, resulting in death of bone and bone marrow cells and subsequent bone collapse. In addition to pain, limited use of the affected area is common. For instance, with osteonecrosis of the hip, a person may limp and require the use of a cane or walker. 5 finned: 1. a membranous, winglike or paddlelike organ attached to any of various parts of the body of fishes and certain other aquatic animals, used for propulsion, steering, or balancing

6. a system for selecting people, such as candidates for a job. 7. the wide end of a cathode-ray tube, esp in a television set, on which a visible image is formed. 8. a white or silvered surface, usually fabric, placed in front of a projector to receive the enlarged image of a film or of slides. 9. See the screen The word पोपट (popaT) is not officially a Hindi word. It is a Marathi and a Gujarati word and it means a parrot. But in Mumbai Hindi, during my boyhood years, I have heard this word used with some mild contempt to make fun of someone while calling.. The wet footprint test is performed by wetting the feet and standing on a smooth, level surface. The thicker the print between the heel and ball of the foot, the flatter the foot. By contrast, a high-arch foot would leave only a narrow print of the outer foot.; The shoe inspection test can provide evidence of faulty foot mechanics. If you have flat feet, there will be more wear on the inside.

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6. Based on Type of Dentition Caries in Primary Dentition Caries in Mixed Dentition Caries in Permanent Dentition Based on severity Incipient Occult Caries (Hidden Caries ) Cavitations. 7. RAMPANT CARIES: Rampant Caries is defined as suddenly appearing wide spread, rapidly burrowing type of caries resulting in the early involvement of the pulp Two of his verses about shape of the earth from Markandeya Purana are refuted in Counter Response to Scientific Errors in Hinduism/ Vedas and Response to Science in Vedas articles. He writes that I ignored verses like Surya Siddhanta 12.53, Brahmanda Puran & Bhagvatam 5.21.8-9, Yoga Vasishta 1.26.34 Rudraksha is a seed traditionally used as prayer beads in Hinduism. It is associated with the Hindu deity Lord Shiva and is commonly worn for protection and chanting Om Namah Shivaya mantra by devotees. Rudraksha Mala is a string of beads used mostly for meditation purposes. Some people wear Rudraksha Mala to balance their energies [ Richland County Master Gardener Association. Home; Continuing Ed Opportunities; Public Education Projects; Interns; The Clemson Sandhill Propert


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It's hard to ignore pain the eyes, as they are among the most sensitive of all our organs. Pain in one eye ranges in causes and severity, and has a variety of associated characteristics, such as swelling, fever, blurred vision, and more. Read more below to learn about pain in one eye Spoken pronunciation of litter in English and in Hindi. Tags for the entry litter What litter means in Hindi, litter meaning in Hindi, litter definition, explanation, pronunciations and examples of litter in Hindi . Moraine meaning in Urdu is Salaji malba. Similar words of Moraine are also commonly used in daily talk like as Moraines

Microstrip antennae are also used in the fields of RFID (radio frequency identification), mobile communication and healthcare. Basically, an RFID system consists of a tag and a reader. Generally, it uses frequencies between 30 Hz and 5.8 GHz. In telemedicine application, microstrip antennae operate at 2.45 GHz Severe Hair fall Meaning in Hindi. tight may cause some loss. yellow crusts and matted hair, black dots of hair broken off at the scalp, with a scaly surface, swollen lymph glands on the neck; a smooth spot where the hair has fallen off, and; an intensely inflamed mass similar to an abscess. Chest pain radiating to the left shoulder.

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  1. Rim meaning in Gujarati. tire - Meaning in Gujarati. tire.Popularity: Difficulty: A tire or tyre is a ring-shaped component that surrounds a wheel's rim to transfer a vehicle's load from the axle through the wheel to the ground and to provide traction on the surface over which the wheel travels
  2. Know the meaning of the Central word in Hindi with this amazing online English to Hindi dictionary. Central is an English word that is translated in Hindi and carries a lot more information on this page. Central meaning in Hindi is केंद्रीय and it can write in roman as Kendriy
  3. Glacier, any large mass of perennial ice that originates on land by the recrystallization of snow or other forms of solid precipitation and that shows evidence of past or present flow.. Exact limits for the terms large, perennial, and flow cannot be set. Except in size, a small snow patch that persists for more than one season is hydrologically indistinguishable from a true glacier

a unit of luminous flux equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle of 1 steradian by a point source of 1 candela intensity radiating uniformly in all directions / a cavity or passage in a tubular organ / unit of light energy (one candle's worth) / the cavity of a tubular organ or part the lumen of a blood vessel / the bore of. RADIUS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) is a networking protocol, operating on port 1812, that provides centralized Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA or Triple A) management for users who connect and use a network service Apollo Meaning: Greek name for Handsome; can represent the NASA Apollo space mission that put the first humans on the moon; Mayank Meaning: Hindi names meaning 'moon' Chandrakant Meaning: Chandrakant is a Sanskrit name, meaning 'shining moon' Arche Meaning: one of the moons of Jupiter; Hilal Meaning:The meaning of Hilal is 'new A solid vibrating surface, driven or in contact with a prime mover or linkage, radiates sound power (W in Watts) proportional to the vibrating area S and the mean square vibrating velocity < v 2>, given by; WcS=ρνσrad 2 where is the air density (kg/m3), c is the speed of sound (m/s) and rad is the radiation efficiency (see Gerges 1992) Meaning of radiate. What does radiate mean? Information and translations of radiate in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. radiating from a center. Etymology: From radiatus, past participle of , from . radiate adjective. to proceed in direct lines from a point or surface; to issue in rays, as light or heat.

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पाई चार्ट क्या होता है pie chart in hindi in excel definition meaning पाई आरेख का दूसरा नाम क्या है श्रेणी अपनी ही धुरी के केन्द्र बिन्दु से Radiating है। (ब) Surface चार्ट. ra·di·ate (rā′dē-āt′) v. ra·di·at·ed, ra·di·at·ing, ra·di·ates v.intr. 1. To send out rays or waves. 2. To issue or emerge in rays or waves: Heat radiated from the stove. 3. To extend in straight lines from or toward a center; diverge or converge like rays: Spokes radiate from a wheel hub. 4. To spread into new habitats and thereby. Gonda means something in Hinduism, Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi. If you want to know the exact meaning, history, etymology or English translation of this term then check out the descriptions on this page. Add your comment or reference to a book if you want to contribute to this summary article

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Sciatica pain is caused by an irritation, inflammation, pinching or compression of a nerve in the lower back. The most common cause is a herniated or slipped disk that causes pressure on the nerve root. Most people with sciatica get better on their own with time and self-care treatments. Appointments & Access It is the flower of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion. 3). Blue Lotus (Skt. utpala; Tib. ut pa la): This is a symbol of the victory of the spirit over the senses, and signifies the wisdom of knowledge. Not surprisingly, it is the preferred flower of Manjushri, the bodhisattva of wisdom Teresa Calafut, in Plastic Films in Food Packaging, 1998. 2.3 Biaxially Oriented Film. Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film is film stretched in both machine and transverse directions, producing molecular chain orientation in two directions. BOPP film is produced by a tubular process, in which a tubular bubble is inflated, or a tenter frame process, in which a thick extruded sheet is. It is usually said that two are better than one. However, Number 2 in a dream means partnership, connection, power to excel. This dream could be bad or good depending on the context of your dream activities. When you see number two (2), it shows a picture of evangelism, having the need to relate or depend on others for helps

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Thrush -- a yeast infection of the breast and nipple -- can feel like a stabbing, shooting, or burning in your nipples. You might also see redness, or dry or flaky skin. Injury. Trauma to a. Pain radiating to the back may suggest that an ulcer has penetrated posteriorly, or the pain may be pancreatic in origin. Pain radiating to the right upper quadrant may suggest disease of the gallbladder or bile ducts. the stomach, whereas the opposite surface is the greater curve. The angularis is along the lesser curve of the stomach. Surface dimensions of each module are 7 by 4.5 feet. Wastewater is loaded to the module at a maximum of 3.9 gal/s.f./day, a loading rate significantly higher than that used in the Brooks design. Maintenance of the system is minimal and primarily involves inspecting the pump and electrical controls as well as annual inspection of the peat surface

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What is Global Warming? Global warming is the phenomenon of a gradual increase in the temperature near the earth's surface. This phenomenon has been observed over the past one or two centuries. This change has disturbed the climatic pattern of the earth. However, the concept of global warming is quite controversial but the scientists have. When the heated surface of the earth radiates this energy back it is in the form of long waves which is absorbed by the atmosphere. Distribution of insolation: Solar constant is the amount of solar energy received upon a unit area of surface held at right angles to the sun's rays. Its value is 2 gm-calorie/sq.cm/minute Adj. 1. stellate - arranged like rays or radii; radiating from a common center; radial symmetry; a starlike or stellate arrangement of petals; many cities show a radial pattern of main highways. radiate, radial. symmetric, symmetrical - having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts For an omni-directional source radiating into free space, DI = 0 dB. If that same source is situated directly on a perfectly reflecting surface (hemispherical radiation), DI = 3 dB. Our general purpose propagation equation without reflection is then: Lp Lw 20logr 11 DI (dB) Equation smooth surface and are often dome-shaped even coloring, such as pink, tan, or brown People with light skin and hair commonly have lighter moles than people with dark skin or hair

Earth's glaciers are incredibly varied in their size and shape, ranging from small ice masses that cling precariously to steep mountain sides, to vast ice sheets that submerge entire continents below kilometres thick ice 1,2.. The form, shape and structure - known as the morphology - of these two extreme examples, as well as all glacier types in between, is a function of two key. kaalu peekadam meaning in english (Telugu>English) throwback to the day सेक्सी वीडियो नंगा (Hindi>English) מהערים (Hebrew>Spanish) rf radiating surface (English>Portuguese) bioenergetik (German>French) shank you (Hindi>English). The surface also has a lot of oxygen, which comes from plants. Small and simple kinds of life can live far under the surface, but animals and plants only live on the surface or in the seas. The rocks on the surface of Earth (Earth's crust) are well known. They are thicker where there is land, between 30 to 50 km or 19 to 31 mi thick Deduce the relation between n, u, v and R for refraction at a spherical surface. where the symbols have their usual meaning. Answer: XY - Spherical surface. n 1 - Refractive index of rarer medium. n 2 - Refractive index of denser medium. O - Luminous point object placed on the principal axis. I - Real image of the object O. ON. Meaning: (My Prostrations to Lord Shiva, the description of whose great Tandava Dance sends a thrill of Blessedness through the Devotees) 2.1: (There dances Shiva His Great Tandava) His Huge.

1. Consisting of rays, as light. 2. Radiating; radiant. What's the meaning of two? 1 : a number that is one more than one — see Table of Numbers. 2 : the second in a set or series the two of spades. 3 : a 2-dollar bill. 4 : something having two units or members. Is 2 an angel number Electromagnetic radiation, in classical physics, the flow of energy at the universal speed of light through free space or through a material medium in the form of the electric and magnetic fields that make up electromagnetic waves such as radio waves, visible light, and gamma rays.In such a wave, time-varying electric and magnetic fields are mutually linked with each other at right angles and. Having mid back pain is a common condition that can also feel like tightness or tension in the center of your back. Middle back pain can be caused by strain from daily activities and poor posture, a past or recent injury, or muscle inflammation. Read below for more information on why you may be having prolonged or sudden pain in the middle of your back, related symptoms, and treatment options The shooting forth of anything from a point or surface, like the diverging rays of light; as, the radiation of heat. + 18 mga kahulugan . radiating the light and love of Christ. Hindi lamang ito naglalabas ng maraming radyasyon,.

(1) she lit a candle (2) If the candle is put out the light disappears, but if the candle begins to melt and we touch the end of the dying candle to a new candle , then the light continues. (3) the candle flickered in the cold night air (4) You could burn incense sticks or light a scented candle . (5) She produces a lighter and the single candle on the table flickers into life alongside the. It has more than 500,000 word meaning and is still growing. This English to Bangla dictionary also provides you an Android application for your offline use. The dictionary has mainly three features : translate English words to Bangla translate Bangla words to English, copy & paste any paragraph in the Reat Text box then tap on any word to get. endoplasm meaning in Hindi. endoplasm. meaning in Hindi. 1. The endoplasm, like the cytoplasm, is far from static. 2. The endoplasm is the site of many activities necessary for the cell to maintain homeostasis. 3. In addition to these 2 main processes, there are many other activities that take place in the endoplasm ; Protoplasm [n. Leg pain can be constant or intermittent, develop suddenly or gradually, and affect your entire leg or a localized area, such as your shin or your knee. It can take a number of forms — stabbing, sharp, dull, aching or tingling Show English Meaning (+) Noun (1) The most interesting aster configuration occurs when the spindle is parallel to the surface. (3) Each centriole now consists of a pair of protein bodies surrounded by radiating strands of protein called the aster . (4) After the first hard freeze, cut back perennials such as aster , campanula, daylily.