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The oldest online merchant of Medieval Gear, Medieval and Renaissance Clothing, Leather, Costumes, Functional Armor and LARP Gear. We supply Collectors, Re-enactors. Film, Theaters and LARP groups with high quality Medieval Products, Chainmail, Helms, Shields, Medieval Jewelry Costumes and Roman Gear Gear & Accessories. Gift Cards & E-Gift Cards. Hats & Headwear. Belts. For Kids. Water Bottles & Drinkware. SCA Alumni. View All. New Products. About Us. The Arborwear Advantage. News & Events. Visit our Store. Meet our Team. Join our Family. Our Internship Program. Our Vision and Values. Meet our Partners. Our Mov

Black Widow Performance Polo. from 34.99. Black Widow OGIO Metro Polo. from 39.99. Black Widow Nike Dri-Fit Polo. from 44.99. Black Widow PFG Long Sleeve. from 65.99. Black Widow PFG Ladies Long Sleeve Gorget or Bevor Neck - Dark Victory Armory - SCA LARP REN Medieval Fighting Gear DarkVictoryArmory 5 out of 5 stars (467) $ 29.99. Add to Favorites Medieval Larp steel Plate Pair Of Pauldrons With Gorget, Shoulder Armor Set MedievalmartStore 4.5 out of 5 stars (34. It's best to download the latest version of ScanGear or CanoScan Toolbox / MP Navigator to ensure compatibility between the scanner driver and software.. Download and install the software. Here's how to download and install the software. Enter your scanner's model name in the box. Wait for a few moments and the model name of your scanner will appear under the box Northstar Archery is the oldest and most experienced resource for SCA combat arhcery rules and equipment. If you want to participate in combat archery in the SCA, Northstar is the only resource you will ever need. We offer a complete line of completed missiles and kit, bows, accessories, Kingdom-specific rules and more

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The SCA's Known World is divided into twenty regions called kingdoms, and within the kingdoms there are hundreds of local SCA groups - Cantons, Shires, and Baronies. To find the local group nearest you, either use the Kingdom Lookup Tool, or check the list below for zipcode lookups and kingdom listings of local groups Your [ Sport Fencing Gear We cater to HEMA, SCA, Theatrical Groups, Stunt Coordinators and Companies,Classic Fencing and LARP. Meet Our Head Seamstress. Our head seamstress, Wanda, has been with the company for over 25 years. She is creator of most every garment we sell. She can create magic with her sewing machine CAMPING BASICS FOR THE SCA by Chimene des CinqTours. Some of the statements below may seem so obvious as to go without saying. Unfortunately, a certain percentage of any group of campers will be short in the common-sense department to some degree, and/or will be very inexperienced campers Custom SCA HNB 14 Gauge Steel Medieval Combat Pig Faced Bascinet Helmet II. $159.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer. 12 watching. Helmet, Viking Anglo-Saxon 16ga Chain Mail Aventail SCA LARP!! USA Seller!! $85.00. 0 bids

Add to. Medieval Style Bronze Cutlery Set, (Single Place Setting), Bois De Rose Pattern Flatware, Handcrafted Utensil Set, 11-Pc. Feast Gear, SCA. TridentsTreasure. From shop TridentsTreasure. 5 out of 5 stars. (360) 360 reviews. $65.00 The crew gear list below has all of the details about what you will need to bring for your crew. Download the Crew Gear List (PDF) SCA will provide all of your food, work tools, and group camping gear (tents, cooking equipment, water filters, etc.). You will also receive an SCA cotton T-shirt and some other SCA swag to keep Global Gear. Shop 1003 Knox Ozone Shopping Centre, Cnr Burwood Hwy and Stud Rd, Knox VIC Ph: (03) 9720 8699 Fax: (03) 8621 6971 Email: info@globalgear.com.au B = SCA fencing armour / uniforms, C = Steel Rapier and Flexidagger type blades . Last updated on 12 Aug 2012, 11:22:58

Jul 15, 2019 - SCA, Medieval kitchen wares. See more ideas about sca, medieval, feast SCA. 's Camping Series 1: Gear List and Top Tips. Let's go camping! At SCA we've found that a night in the woods camping beneath the stars is one of the most reliable tools there is for creating conservationists. Never camped? No problem! We've consulted some of America's foremost outdoor experts—the SCA leaders and volunteers who. Medieval and Renaissance Clothing is our specialty. We create apparel that will take you back through the ages with timeless grace and beauty. In our medieval and renaissance clothing category you will find men and women's clothing that in everything from jerkins, tunics and surcoats to bodices, chemises and medieval dresses SCA Fighting and Fencing Equipment Shop now. Featured items Hilt sets Shop now. High quality Armors. Remember Fencing gear. As important as your weapons, your other gear. check out our tips, maintenance supplies, and protective equipment. Latest Reviews. new text. john chuy / Bear

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  1. Medieval Under Armor Padding Combat gambeson with overlapping collar. This gambeson has been created as medieval fighting under armor gear.All features of this perfect SCA and rebated steel fighting oriented piece has been designed taking into account practical needs of sword fighters
  2. Apr 19, 2021 - Explore Erika Knickerbocker's board SCA camping gear, followed by 242 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about viking tent, viking camp, camping
  3. Then you are right where you need to be, right here in the metal armor section at Dark Knight Armoury! From fantasy LARP armor to the type of plate armor pieces that could withstand the hardiest of blows from your next SCA Heavy List fight, our metal armor plates, helmets, and armor sets have what it takes to keep you safe in battle! Filter
  4. We offer special full set pricing for SCA members. Rick Cavasin. I make and sell parchment and vellum, which is of interest to SCA scribes. Celtic Arms Company. Celtic Arms Co. makes and sells Chainmaille armour, standard and custom blacksmithed items as well as assorted medieval weapons and other re-enactment items

Castille Armory - SWORDS, SCA, HEMA. 541.897.0606. Single Handed Swords. ». Build Your Own Rapier. Build Your Own Side Sword. Build Your Own Arming Sword. Build Your Own Messer. Complete Type XV Arming Sword (I33 Sharukhan Market is the network of armourers who have 15 years of experience in improving defense, appearance and overall quality of the armor. Our equipment has been proved as on of the most reliable, great looking and authenti Society for Creative Anacronism SCA Costumes. is an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating pre-17th-century European history. The SCA is the largest re-enactment group and has branches all over the Known World. The largest war takes place outside of Pittsburg, PA - Pennsic War

Our new walkshorts feature improved lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch fabric that lets you do what you do - on the boat, the beach, the links, or wherever you want to wear them. Take that kind of performance and add brand new designs in the classic SCALES style and you've got a pair of shorts that let you slay all day every day Business Office 1692 Mangrove Avenue, #153 Chico, CA 95926 (530) 342-353 Many hema people here look extremely hillbilly when it comes to gear, its often a weird mix of handmade reenactment stuff and modern kit. Spes jackets could be armored up then covered by a tabard for sca heavy, but consider the following gear list, the coat of plates particularly breathes easier then spes gear in the australian heat Women's Heavy Armor. It seems like it's been about a year since this question was asked. I've recently decided to explore heavy fighting and am having a tough time figuring out the best way to put together a beginner's heavy kit. My persona is late 14th/early 15th Century, but I'm not picky about looks as I recognize that a tunic can hide lots. SCA Emergency Number - 1-800-YO-SOGGY 1-800-967-6449 Put this number in your phone or notebook before you travel This number will reach SCA staff 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Use it if you are in an emergency situation. Number Item Description Why would I want this? ü 1 pair Sandals Open shoes, like sandals or Croc

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  1. Here's the gear I believe is essential for a Steak Cookoff Association, SCA, Competition. Let's cook a Ribeye! Don't forget the following items. Goes wit..
  2. g Chain and Gear Sets. ( 1 ) Part Number: SCA-TCS10115. Image is a representation of this item. Actual item may vary. Scat Ti
  3. HOME • BLOG • SITEMAP • BOOKSTORE: Here are some merchants that make and/or sell replicas of period feast gear and related items. Adelheid Geisler Pewterware; A.E. Williams A Pewter goods, including flagons, tankards, plates, goblets, and cup

When I say bastard sword in an SCA context, I am referring to a weapon between sternum and armpit height from the ground. This is really a longsword, and I've taken to calling it that most of the time. Much experimentation has shown me that this is an optimal length for two handed swords in the SCA Welcome to the Gipsy Peddler Rapier Armor Quick Shop! Gipsy Peddler is the oldest division of our company. We have been merchanting at events and Pennsic under the Sign of the Theiving Raven for almost 30 years. Here, you will find all of our in stock, list-legal SCA rapier armor available for quick and easy checkout via PayPal So if you want more comfort and you want your SCA camping gear in side with you should go for a larger tent. The Money You Have Determine the Quality of Your SCA Camping gear. When buying your SCA camping gear you need to keep in mind that there is a difference between cheap and inexpensive SCA Camping Gear: What it's all about. If you know a little about the 17th century then you are probably aware of the rough conditions back then. Back then, they had very little to sleep on or in. Now days the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international organization dedicated to research and re-creating the arts and skills of. SCA Camping 101. Contributed by ban-Ollaimh Cinniu ingen. When you get right down to it, you really only need three things to survive a weekend outdoors: shelter, food and clothing. If you want to be a bit more comfortable, we add bedding and toiletries to that list

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Conal's Corner > SCA Household Gear An SCA household is a group of people who are friends who gather together for mutual support or interest. Typically, a household will hang around together at day events and camp together at camping events These blades have a bright finish, diamond distal taper and linear flex centered in the tip third of the blade. Essentially, the Basic Rapier Blades are our affordable, all purpose rapier blade; great for SCA, HEMA and WMA rapier combat. These blades are offered in blade lengths from 35″ up to 45″ measured from the tang shoulder to the tip SCA Fencing Gear I've been asked many times where new SCA fencers can buy equipment, and what I recommend. I kept a boilerplate email for a while, but it rapidly became unwieldy with links, and I figured it would be much better to put it online If a brewer passes all of the tests as described below and conducted by the SCA, that brewer will be recognized as an exemplary home brewer and join the short list of SCA Certified Brewers. As of 2014, the SCA has renewed its cooperation with the European Coffee Brewing Center, who also has a longstanding and reputable home brewer testing program SCA Hervey Bay (Pialba) (Your store) In Stock Show nearby stores Show more stores Show Less Stores Hide nearby stores Time frames shown are subject to change, cut-off times are based off of AEST

Padt SCA-1200HT Support Cleaning Apparatus dissolves support 3D model SCA 1200. The SCA 1200 HT can dissolve support from all the SST- compatible materials you use - ABS, PC, and nylon. Images are stock. day or eve 7 days a week > See the 2nd picture in listing for important information in r.. Gear. SCA Legal Linen Fencing Hoods $ 35.00. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Gear. Small Hole Rapier Tips (Blunts) $ 5.50. Sale! Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Gear. Super Soft Gloves $ 25.00 - $ 37.50. Search for: Browse. Armor (8) Fencing Accessories (17) Gear (17) Protection (13) In Stock Practice and Sharp Weapons (63) Made To Order (21 FEAST GEAR SCA COMPLETE SET MEDIEVAL KITCHEN RENAISSANCE FEAST GEAR. $11.95 to $13.95. $12.95 shipping At many Society events, you can find opportunities to try throwing common medieval weapons such as axes, knives, and spears, all in a safe, monitored environment. If you're interested in learning more about archery or thrown weapons or trying them out, contact the Archery or Thrown Weapons Marshal of your nearest branch to find out when and.

Product Info Add to cart. Fencing Mask - 350N - DOHEMA. Beginners, light weapons and controlled sparring! Price. €75.00. Product Info Add to cart. Gloves - Red Dragon. HEMA Weapon Sparring Gloves.. for stick fighting and Light Sabre too! Price Carisma SCA-1E Spur Gear. Package includes replacement 83 tooth spur gear. This product was added to our catalog on May 22, 202 Rapier Combat is a style of historical fencing practiced in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). The primary focus is to study, replicate and compete with styles of rapier sword-fighting found in Europe during the Renaissance period, using blunted steel swords and a variety of off-hand defensive items. Participants wear period clothing while competing, along with or incorporating.

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The Specialty Coffee Association's (SCA) holy list of certified coffee brewers has been updated.. Easily the most rigorous third-party testing program for coffee makers, the SCA's brutal inspection and testing standards now certifies ultra-high performance in 30 different brewers — a two brewer increase since we last reported in October 2019, but still a small count relative to the. Like any SCA Kingdom, we have several Traditions within the fencing community. Awards may given to those who excel is the art, teaching and promotion of the art of fence within Lochac, and those are listed on the page. The page also contains some information about the major tournaments and prestigious prizes that we have within the Kingdom These SCA.B joggers are a cutting-edge leg-covering system designed to keep your legs warm and protected from certain outside elements. Whether you are jogging to the pond, running from spiders, or lounging in your base, these joggers will help you get the job done! Make your workouts more comfortable with these cotto Project SCA Newcomers Kit. Search this site. Home. Feast Gear Kit. Heavy Weapons. Sitemap. Home‎ > ‎ Feast Gear Kit. Here is my Best so far Feast Gear kit Can you find a Better component or a equally good but cheaper one? Post it or send it to me in a message The SCA-approved machine's metallic body and clean lines look good on the countertop, too, while eating up a small amount of space relative to most quality-focused coffee makers. The double-walled thermal carafe eliminates the need for a warming plate, which can degrade coffee quality as it sits on the heater

SCA Equestrian has 1,678 members. Equestrian activities of all types in the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) - from choreographed quadrilles to jousting, ring tilting to mounted combat, and every kind of quest and challenge course in between...This is an unofficial SCA group Wrap your alter ego in leather with this elegant and stylish wide leather belt. Featuring a stainless steel double bar roll buckle, this single buckle belt style overlaps in the fastening area for a sturdy and secure fit. This year, add a distinguished flair to your favorite festival or convention costume with this sleek black leather belt Excellent selection of Salvage, Repairable and Clean Title Trailers for Sale . Join Live Auto Auctions and Bid Today! FREE Registratio Carisma SCA-1E 16T Differential Input Pinion Gear. Overview. Compatibility. 16 Tooth Differential Input Pinion Gear: SCA-1E. This product was added to our catalog on October 19, 2020. Carisma SCA-1E

117 W. 4th St, Suite 300 Santa Ana, California 92701 store@sca.coffee Oak Lodge Farm, Leighams Road Bicknacre, Chelmsford, Essex CM3 4HF, United Kingdo Rapier Shirt - Box Pleated Ruffle - Gipsy Peddler SCA Fencing Armor $119.00. In Stock! Gold Undermask Fencing Hood Gipsy Peddler SCA Rapier Armor $59.00. Gold Gray or Brown Red SCA Rapier Armor - Undermask Fencing Hood $59.00. In Stock! Med Red Fencing Doublet Gipsy Peddler SCA Rapier Armor $174.00. In Stock Size M - Dk Green SCA Fencing. Shopkeeper Bio. Conal's Corner > Kingdom Gear > Atlantia Gear. The Kingdom of Atlantia is the eighth kingdom, becoming a principality of the East in A.S. XII (1977). It was created a Kingdom in A.S. XVI (1981). Its borders cover Maryland, most of Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, as well as Augusta, Georgia

<div class=checkout-layout-no-javascript-msg> Javascript is disabled on your browser.<br> To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade. Price lowered to $375 shipped in CONUS or best offer. Japanese made Ibanez SCA220. These SCA guitars aren't real common, but are great guitars, and are probably the most affordable MIJ Ibanezes there are. This one has its share of bumps, but nothing significant. Frets are in great shape and.. Your gift helps SCA build the next generation of conservation leaders, protecting our parks and public lands now and into the future. With the help of friends like you, SCA has: Provided 415,000 people with environmental educatio Team Gear, Apparel, & other A's Stuff . TEAM GEAR Easton Equipment. Gluv Uniform. Ringor Cleats. SQUAD LOCKER SCA Apparel Store. REGISTRATIONS Managers/Coaches. Pay Your Team Dues. Background Checks . JOIN SO CAL A's! Become a So Cal A's Team . This website is powered.

Projects, crafts, robots, gardens and artwork by Aviana Knochel and Kim Drennon (known in the SCA as Tancorix inigena Bivaidonas and Sithmaith Eccnaidh) Menu. Primary menu. SCA Projects. SCA Combat Gear; Pictish Creations; Cordwaining; House Projects. Office Furniture; Stool Covers; Robotics; Gardening; Vehicles; SCA Combat Gear. Primary. www.trinityarmory.net Trinity Arms Armor SCA HMB EMP BUHUR Second Chance Body Armor. Through generations of technology, Second Chance Brand Body Armor products have been credited with saving more lives than any other body armor on the market. Continuing our relentless commitment to saving lives, we focus on safety from every perspective The thrill of combat lives in the Society! One of the most well-known and widely-enjoyed activities in the SCA is armored combat. Our warriors participate in tournaments for individuals and teams, tactical melees involving dozens of combatants, and even large-scale wars with thousands of participants! Unlike reenactments of battles from history.

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HEMA Gear & Equipment. We offer the largest selection of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) equipment in the United States. From gloves to fencing masks, SPES to PBT, we can meet all your needs SWIM SCA. WELCOME TO. SUMMIT CITY AQUATICS! . In 2019, Three Rivers Aquatics (TRAC) and Southwest Allen Community Swim Team (SWAC) merged to create SCA. The combined club is now more than 200 swimmers strong, and we are pleased to be a USA Swimming Bronze Level Club in 2020. SCA offers expanded training opportunities at two area pools, the. Hi ! There are several differences between the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts). While I do participate in SCA activities, I am not a member of a HEMA group. This is why I shall endeavour to make a.. Benjamin C. Dagley, D.O. Zoombang is the most unique material in the world when it comes to protective body gear. The uses are almost unlimited and nothing else comes close to providing the same level of protection. I fully recommend it for athletes, police officers, military personnel and my patients.

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The Specialty Coffee Association is a nonprofit, membership-based organization that represents thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas all over the world. Built on foundations of openness, inclusivity, and the power of shared knowledge, we foster a global coffee community and support activity to make specialty coffee a. gear, the change would be .0013/6 or .000217. A higher face angle, say 8°, would result in a lower pressure angle or a plus involute of .00065 on a 6DP gear. Conversely, a 2°face angle would resultinahigher pressure angle oraminus involute of .00065 on the same 6 DP gear. Generally, face angles of less than 0° or above 10°are not recom. Email us using the form below and we'll respond as soon as possible. First Name. Last Name. Order Id (optional) Email Address. Comments / Questions 1024 characters left Here you will find the Best of the Best High Quality Replica Arms and Armour From Medieval and Renaissance Europe! Suitable for Live Steel - SCA - LARP - Re-enactments - Fantasy Events We carry a full selection of all SCAG Mower Parts at the lowest prices online. Save even more with our flat rate shipping and E-mail discount coupons. Need help with your order? Call us anytime and our experienced SCAG sales techs can help you locate the SCAG parts you need fast. Call us at 786-592-2094

Other approaches I've seen have been extremely confusing, intimidating, and finicky to someone like me who knows nothing about the correct gear for this stuff. Not only does this seem to be working perfectly, but the series of tutorials Focusrite has created made it extremely simple for me to get set up, plugged in, and jamming in no time Functional Armour. Functional Armour for use in Re-enactments, Theater, Movies, LARP, Medieval Fairs and the SCA has to be able to fit all kinds of situations and meet group guidelines. We carry all types of functional steel armour to meet these needs. We have off the rack armour, customized armour, sized to your measurements, and many come. Make mornings more flexible with the Braun MultiServe KF9150. Whether you're brewing a travel mug for the office or a carafe for a cozy morning, the MultiServe has you covered with 7 selectable drink sizes. Better, the MultiServe comes with the prestigious SCA Gold Cup certification, ensuring that your morning cup comes at the correct time and temperature for ideal brewing. Unique among drip.

Medieval Jewelery, lovingly recreated for re-enactors, enthusiasts, and collectors.. NJ-Based Fencing gear and Fencing Equipment supplier offers self branded Absolute Fencing Gear as well as Negrini Fencing Equipment and Uhlmann Fencing Equipment. Absolute Fencing sells beginner fencing equipment, mid-range, and high end FIE certified fencing equipment offering a true one stop shopping experience. No Matter what your level Absolute Fencing Gear offers great selection and. 17 Tooth Pinion Gear: SCA-1E . This product was added to our catalog on February 24, 2020. Carisma SCA-1E; Related Products. $17.99. Carisma SCA-1E Slipper Clutch Set $34.99. Carisma SCA-1E Center Drive Shaft $6.99. Ruddog Mod 1 Steel Pinion Gear $9.99. Losi Mod1 5mm Bore Pinion Gear $9.99

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Cars and Rules. Cars and Rules is your home to view the current GCR, Fastrack, Recommended Rule Changes, Race Memo's, and Member Advisories. The content on this page will provide valuable information for Road Racing compliance in the SCCA. To request a new car classification, adjustment, or clarification on a rule, click on the link below to. Zev. 2120 Northpark Dr. Centralia, WA 98531 805-486-5800. Made in the USA. Support. Contact Us; Warranty & Repairs; Dealer Map; ZEV Catalo

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SCA Whangarei (Your store) In Stock Show nearby stores Show more stores Show Less Stores Hide nearby stores Time frames shown are subject to change, cut-off times are based off of NZST Gear Live, Gear S2, Gear Fit2, Gear Fit2 Pro, Gear S3, Gear Sport: Phones with Android 4.4 and RAM 1.5 GB or higher are supported. Gear, Gear 2, Gear S, Gear Fit: These watches are not supported on non-Samsung Android devices. iOS phone compatibility. Don't fret if you have an iPhone. Many are compatible and can connect to a Galaxy Watch or Gear The report states, On average, the added IBOC-interference effect, based on population, was projected at 2.6 percent.. The benefits offered by the audio quality and advanced data services of the HD Radio system clearly outweigh any potential impact on analog SCA services. Both can easily coexist on the host station during the hybrid phase. SCA-1E Series 83T T Spur Gear by Carisma®. The RC parts from carisma is your perfect solution in case you need to replace the broken parts of your rc vehicle. one of our strengths is making realistic-looking radio control vehicles, and have many years of experience working with full-size automotive manufacturers on officially-licensed replicas Carisma SCA-1E Metal Differential Gear CIS15978. This is a Carisma Optional Metal Differential Gear for the SCA-1E Scale Crawler. Directly replaces the main central transmission gear. Adds durability to the driveline, and with its considerable weight helps lower the rigs center of gravity. The additional weight and rotating mass, when combined.

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Author eulalia Posted on July 23, 2015 July 23, 2015 Categories SCA DIY Tags faux enamel, pebeo vitrea 160, renaissance glassware, SCA feast gear, venetian enameled glass 8 Comments on Make a faux enameled glass in the Venetian styl USC Cinematic Arts crosses the spectrum of media creation from film and television to games and interactive. experiences, giving students the skills and vision to become tomorrow's creative leaders. Explore Programs. Programs List. Summer Program. The John H. Mitchell. Business of Cinematic Arts Program. John Wells Division of GrayWhale: 1984/03/21: C: Organization: Orange: CA: Sca: Dead: Fishery: NET: Gn: Un: N: Dead: 19840504Er; GrayWhale: 1984/05/04: C: Organization: San Luis Obispo: CA. Scat Engine Rotating Assemblies. Summit Racing Part Number: SCA-1-94060BE. UPC: 846091039464. Actual Engine Displacement: 5.4L/332. Rear Main Seal Style: 1-piece, 2-piece

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Sheppard 292 SCA5 Steering Gear Heavy Truck Parts For Sale; Sheppard 292 SCA5 Steering Gear Heavy Truck Parts For Sale. Refine your search results. 25/page 10/page; 15/page; 25/page; 50/page; 100/page; Detailed Detailed View; List View; Best match. Best match; Newest; Stock #: A > Z; Stock #: Z > A. AIRSOFT GEAR UNBOXING PART 2. THIS IS PART TWO OF AIRSOFT GEAR UNBOXING. THE SECOND HALF OF THIS VIDEO IS STUFF I GOT ALL OFF OF AMAZON! AGAIN THIS IS GEAR I NEEDED FOR UPCOMING MILSIMS AND JUST STUFF I NEEDED TO FINISH UP DIFFERENT LOADOUTS. THANKS FOR WATCHING AND PLEASE FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM. @sca.airsoft. source Hear visitors approaching with the Power Gear Indoor/Outdoor Motion-Sensing Alert. The wireless sensor has a 120-degree motion-detection zone with a range of up to 25ft. and is rated for outdoor use. When movement is detected, a signal is sent to the RF receiver to let you know someone is in the area SCA-1E 16T Differential Input Pinion Gear. Add to cart. Related Products; Viewed Products; SCA-1E 1976 Ford F-150 (Half Cab) 2-Piece Clear Body Set (324WB). This is a Carisma 17-Tooth Pinion Gear for the 1/10 Scale SCA-1E 4WD Crawler. This product was added to our catalog on February 24, 2020. Carisma SCA-1E; Related Products. $17.99. Carisma SCA-1E Slipper Clutch Set CIS15835 $34.99. Carisma SCA-1E Center Drive Shaft CIS15855 $6.99. Ruddog Mod 1 Steel Pinion Gear TUSA Tina DC Solar Package. BC-0403. SS-0001. RS-1001. SCA-270. IQ-1204. Roller Gear Bag (BA-0301) Download PDF